A Licensing Deal for Jessica Russell!

A Licensing Deal for Jessica Russell!

Congratulations, Jessica! A Licensing Deal on your Table-2-Go!

Jessica has been a member of our EN community since 2018. We had the pleasure of talking with her and learning more about where her creative spark comes from. An easy take-away from our conversation is the kind and generous spirit Jessica has and everything she gives back to the people she works with.

EN: “We at Edison Nation are excited about the opportunity that is ahead for Jessica’s innovation. One of the reasons we are excited has to do with the timing of the announcement, and the licensing deal itself. Obviously things have changed in the world, and we have spoken about how these changes have impacted business globally as it comes to sourcing, product development, openness to view innovation, etc.” 

Where is your hometown?

My hometown is Cleveland, OH. I moved but then found myself back in my hometown with my family and friends.

What is your professional background?

I am an occupational therapist. My career focuses on helping people live a full life by making sure their home environment is conducive to health and safety so they can live independently.

How did you first hear about Edison Nation?

Like a lot of people, I had ideas and started searching the internet!

Is this your first invention?

This is not my first invention but this is the first one I’ve received a licensing agreement on. I’ve submitted two other ideas to Edison Nation prior to this one.

EN:The licensing partner in this situation was a new introduction to Edison Nation in early January of this year, so very shortly into our relationship, the curveball of Covid-19 was thrown, but we have been very pleased with the dedication the partner has shown to the process. On the 31st of January the partner had identified 3 products that were of interest to them, that we had shared with them, and they began working on them, with a specific order ranking in place, but all three of interest.  Unfortunately the first one fell out due to some issues with the innovator themselves, and that in its own right was a unique story. Despite that disappointment, the partner did not walk away from Edison Nation. They have continued efforts on the two products, albeit their timeline of doing some due diligence, additional prototype work, etc. being impacted by availability of machine access, factories to formalize quotes of production, etc.

They stuck with it, and from Jessica sending out her original prototype to us on Feb 7th, they worked diligently and a deal was signed on April 27th.

When did you first come up with this idea? 

Through my job as an occupational therapist I am always looking at things differently to see if there is a way to make adaptations to things and make it better for my patients lifestyles. Because I work in home care and I’m in and out of homes, I see how people live and I assess their environments. For this product I was noticing how a patient was using an item that it wasn’t intended for, saw ways I could make it better and add features that would make it more universal for a larger market appeal.

What inspired you to start inventing? Do you naturally come up with ideas or do you look for areas to invent within?

I’ve always been a creative person, a dreamer. As a therapist, a strategist; I am always looking at, How can I do this, adapt & modify how they live – how can I make it better, what do they need? I see the problems and look for solutions to make their lives better. I stay in the medical devices and home arena with my ideas right now. 

What are some details around your experience and journey so far?

I share my ideas with family members and tend to get good feedback along the way. It helps to have their encouragement and support. This is the third idea I’ve submitted to Edison Nation. I’ve learned something from not having my previous ideas go all the way and feel I’m getting better each time.

You did a beautiful job of listing competitor products on your submission? Did it help you to research the competitors? How did you use that to your advantage? 

It was helpful because there needs to be innovation. If it’s not novel, the chances of moving an idea through the stages go down.

Tell me about your Prototype. Did you have to put a lot of resources into it?

I simply used a cardboard box hat and plastics swords! 

This is not your first submission to EN, you had two others. What kept you going?

I’m an optimist. I have a knack for this with my personal experience. I see this as a learning process. I learned from my past submissions and understand how to fine tune my ideas.

What would you tell others looking to move forward with their own invention journeys?

Have fun! If you’re not having fun with your ideas, stop, move on. If you don’t, it will cloud your vision. Keep a positive energy going. It will help people respond to your idea better. 

What was your biggest failure and what did you learn from it?  

I had another idea that I was told “no” so many times on by manufacturers. My friends & family kept telling me “yes”, it was a good idea. I think my failure is in not understanding what I am doing with this idea. I need to listen to both sides and adapt accordingly. 

Tell us about your EN experience?

It’s a good, straight forward process. It works. I work full time and don’t have time to do everything the process entails. I appreciate feedback through the stages for direction.  I enjoy learning from others in the forums. It’s nice to hear from like-minded people who keep at it.

Do you have something you turn to for motivation?

There is a band from North Carolina, The Avett Brothers. In their song, Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise, there is a line I go to, “Decide what to be and go be it”!

Is there a fun fact about yourself you’d like to share with our EN community?

The licensing scoop –

As we always tell an innovator when we contact them to congratulate them on the licensing deal, it is a great day, be excited, celebrate, but also know it is one step in the process and there are still steps that need to take place on the path to commercialization. In this situation, the partner, knowing that the times have been hectic and wanting to provide a good comfort level for all involved is working on a refined timeline that they will be sharing with Edison Nation, and us in turn sharing with Jessica. This type of expectation management is nice to see when things for many people in their lives may seem uncertain, or unknown as they map through their daily lives right now. The fact that they have taken that into consideration and want to lay out this timeline shows that Jessica’s innovation is in good hands and will have a great shot at commercialization.”

Happy Inventing!

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  1. Derrick James

    Congratulations on the licensing deal Jessica and EN, and said EN partner. All the best on the road to commercialization!

  2. Jessica Russell

    Thank you EN for believing in my product and for the lovely write up! I’m looking forward to the next phase of this process and to future endeavors with EN and their partners.

  3. Carlo


    I am very happy that Edison Nations exists to help inventors to come up with their ideas and turn them into a reality!

  4. Sonia

    Wow, congrats, Jessica! I can’t imagine what this is, but it must be good if you got a licensing deal in a little over two months! Wait to go 🙂

  5. Saundra Underwood

    Congratulations, you’ve inspired me to get moving on my ideas. A fellow Buckeye.

  6. Todd

    That’s exciting Jessica. Good for you.
    We’d all love to hear the answer to the unsaid question of how much you got, or going to make from all your effort and the deal. But I suspect you signed a NDA and can’t say. Or can/will you?

  7. Robert Bear

    Congratulations. The third time was the charm. Has it been manufactured and being sold yet?

  8. Jessica Russell

    Thanks for all of the kind words! Can’t disclose too much information about the deal or the product yet, but if/when I can I would be happy to share it with the Edison Nation community!

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