Congratulations, Danny Blacker!

Congratulations, Danny Blacker!

Second Chances do Happen!

We have a great team of people working hard every day that wish it was feasible to call out “SUCCESS” for each idea that came through. And even when you hear of a licensing deal, that’s just the beginning! 

You may be familiar with our advice about how while we want to celebrate Licensing Deals (and every innovator should celebrate that day they find out), we also are honest about how that is the start of a journey for the product and the innovator. There are still sales meetings ahead where the licensing partner or retailer has to pitch the product and get buy-in (either from retail partners or in the case of a retailer, get support from their store personnel).

Today we want to share the story of EN member, Danny Blacker. Danny Blacker has been an Edison Nation member since 2014. He is a Texas boy, being born in Houston and currently residing in Richmond, TX with his wife and two children. Danny spent 6 years serving in the Navy, thank you for your service, Danny!

Danny always considered himself as a problem solver and enjoyed finding creative ways to solutions. He was employed as an engineering technician so was well-versed at solving problems with physical things until a door opened up for him in a place he was meant to be? working in prototyping at Rice University! With the equipment, self-born creativity and love of solving problems it was no time at all until Danny scored his first success! 

“Back story”? Great pun–you’ll get it as you read on! 

Danny was out shopping and specifically, looking for something to help in washing his back. He saw the loofas, the back scrubbers, everything and anything, but none looked like it could do the job just right, so what does a problem solver do? they do something about it!

Danny knew just what he wanted to make and was able to create the perfect prototype with the machinery he was lucky enough to work with. He needed more though. He needed a way to attach the part that would make it all come together. In searching around he found a piece that did what he needed it to do but how to incorporate that into his product without infringing on another’s patent rights is where the EN team stepped in. Danny’s product, Shower Lily, found a home at Bed Bath & Beyond. And now, the reality of how the market works, the Shower Lily did not do as strongly in their store test environment as we would have liked. But ? second chances!

Today, we can announce that Edison Nation has already placed its own purchase order and is manufacturing the product and bringing it to market under our Lily & Gray brand, beginning with sales on Amazon. 

Danny’s words of wisdom: “It’s going to take longer than you think. Stay patient–don’t write anything off, just because it doesn’t happen in your time doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. If it’s not going to work, move on–go on to the next and open your eyes to everything else around you. You don’t FAIL, you LEARN.”

Thank you Danny for sharing your story and words of encouragement for our EN family!

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  1. Derrick James

    Thanks for great example of seeing it thru till the end. Congrats on the second chance, and all the best with sales of the product. Also, thanks for your service to our country.

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