10 of The Most Brilliant Latest Inventions To Inspire Your Next Creation

Feel like your creativity has dried up? We’ve found ten brilliant, latest inventions to help inspire your next creation!

The creative type person never stops inventing. But sometimes, coming up with a follow-up to your latest invention can feel impossible. Your brainstorming sessions feel fruitless. You struggle to even organize your thoughts. Often, the best cure for a bout of creative block is to look for outside inspiration. To that end, here are a NUMBER of new inventions that are sure to kick your creative juices into overdrive!


Before cell phones, getting separated from your group at a theme park or music festival almost certainly meant never seeing your friends again. But what happens if your phone loses services, or if your friend’s battery dies? Enter LynQ. LynQ is a personal, long-range tracker that doesn’t rely on cell phone service or WiFi. It features a simple display that shows the other party’s distance and orientation. The LynQ can pair with up to twelve individual devices for a range of up to three miles. The battery lasts for three days on a single charge, too!

Gravity Blankets

If you have trouble sleeping due to anxiety, a weighted blanket can do wonders. But most weighted blankets are bulky and ugly, leaving people with the choice between good interior design and restful sleep. Then Gravity launched a Kickstarter campaign for a sleek weighted blanket that is both therapeutic and attractive. It was so successful that they ran out of their first production run.

Thor ET-One

With their poor fuel economy, it’s no secret that semi-trucks are bad for the environment. But they are an integral part of our current infrastructure, delivering millions of packages per day. Unsurprisingly, many inventors have tried to create a truck that can fulfill our shipping needs without so many emissions. Thor Trucks has designed an electric truck that boasts a 100-mile range and carrying capacity similar to most diesel trucks. Expect to see them on the road shortly.

That! Spread That Warming Butter Knife

What’s worse than cold butter on toast? Well, a few things, but that’s beside the point. That! has introduced a new butter knife that actually warms the butter as it spreads, leaving a perfectly buttered toast every time!

ICON 3D Printed Homes

Few technologies have been as disrupted as 3D printing. It’s changed everything from prototyping to healthcare, and even home construction. While it has been theoretically possible to 3D print a house for many years, it hasn’t been a very practical solution. But now, ICON has introduced the Vulcan II, which can print a custom-designed 2,000 square foot house for half the cost of traditional building techniques. It’s only a matter of time until it catches on.

M&R Digital Counting Coin Bank

How can you improve the coin bank? The device has remained virtually “unchanged” over the last several hundred years. But M&R is up to the task. They have developed a digital coin slot that counts your money as you insert it. A simple LCD displays the running sum, with buttons that let you account for withdrawals. The device simply fits into the mouth of a mason jar, counting your money until you’ve saved up enough for that special treat.

Room ONE

Many American workplaces are moving towards collaborative workspaces. Long gone are the days where everyone was sequestered into their own office. Now, workers share space in a large, open room. And while that’s good for collaborations, it brings one big problem… Distractions. But Room ONE has a solution. Room ONE is essentially a redesigned phone booth, designed to operate as an isolated workspace. The booth is soundproof, ventilated, and energy-efficient. This gives workers space where they can escape the office gossip and chit chat and focus on shredding their to-do list. 

Gravity Jetsuit

Mankind has been looking to fly ever since we first looked up and saw birds. As far back as the 1400s, Leonardo da Vinci had numerous sketches of flying machines in his journal. Even after the Wright Brothers achieved flight, many have hoped for a more personal solution. Jetpacks have captured our imaginations since Jules Verne wrote about a personal flying machine. And while a real-life, functional jetpack was patented in 1960, it wasn’t very practical?it could only fly for 21 seconds. But recently, Gravity Industries has been developing a device that may finally make our flying dreams come true. Using one jet engine on the back and two smaller jets on each arm (think Ironman), the Gravity Jetsuit can propel a single pilot up to 50 miles per hour. 

Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream Lock

Few things are as disappointing as opening your freezer for a scoop of ice cream, only to see that your spouse or children or roommate has gotten to it first. Ben & Jerry’s knows a thing or two about ice cream. And they know how important it is to us. Which is why they have introduced an Ice Cream Lock. This device fits over the lid of the ice cream carton and locks it in place with a three-digit code. A simple solution for a vexing problem.

Tata Towel

Every invention exists to solve a problem. But some problems aren’t obvious to many people. Our more buxom readers will understand, however, just how difficult it can be to stay dry beneath, ahem, the girls. And it was this exact problem that led Erin Robertson to invent the Tata Towel. This device helps women stay comfortable after showering or exercising. They even have lines for nursing mothers. Founded in 2015, the company has since exploded, helping thousands of woman find comfort.

Get to Your Latest Invention

Whether you’re trying to protect your ice cream, banish boob sweat, or unlock the mystery of human flight, we want to help you. We work to pair inventors with the right companies to unleash their creativity onto the world.  If you’re looking for help to bring your latest invention into reality, join us today.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

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