What Products Gained Attention at The 2019 Global Pet Expo?

What Products Gained Attention at The 2019 Global Pet Expo?

The Global Pet Expo recently wrapped up their event in Orlando!?

If you aren?t familiar with the Global Pet Expo, it is the largest annual trade show featuring the newest, most innovative pet products in the industry. The show features more than 1,000 companies from around the world and the latest innovative pet products. The show is also the place where more than 3,000 new products are launched.???

We?ve gathered a few of our favorites below!??


My Pet Pail??

My Pet Pail is the latest in pet travel and this year’s Best in Show winner!?

It?s obvious that we love taking our pets with us when we travel, and this product allows pet parents to do that in a more convenient way. The Pet Pail was invented to be a solution that provides dog parents with a travel pet feeder that could open to allow pets to eat and drink out of and then close the lid and go.??

The Pet Pail is easy and functional!? In addition to storing food and water, the case also has an extra collar and leash, waste bags, 2 built in bowls, 2 removable bowls and 2 – 20-ounce removable bottles.?

Credit: My Pet Pail


This product can also serve as your at home feeder by snapping off the upper shell, allowing the lower bowl to be the slide proof feeder.? The company responsible, Pet Partners Worldwide, also took it a step further and has also provided all customers with a lifetime warranty on any of their products.?

Credit: My Pet Pail


Price: $59.98?

? ??

Spot Push-N-Pop? Food and Treat Dispenser??

The Spot Push-n-Pop Food and Treat Dispenser may be a bit of a blast from the past for some. The Push-N-Pop? is very similar to the toy designed for toddlers called the Fisher-Price Corn Popper. What both have in common is that they both provide a pop sound each time the container is moved.??

Credit: Spot


The Push-N-Pop? was designed to be an advancement of slow feeding bowls for pets. The bowl provides a stimulating experience for both dogs and cats and is not the typical slow feeder bowl.??

The food stays covered up the entire time and your pet powers the device by moving it across the floor. Each time your pet nudges the bowl food pops out of the top. This keeps dogs and cats mentally and physically active while boosting their IQ.??

Credit: Push-N-Pop???


Price: $29?


Fluval Flex Aquarium Kit?

This year’s Best in Show in the Aquatics section of the Global Pet Expo went to a one of a kind Aquarium. ?

The freshwater Flex aquarium kit by Fluval? is one of few that allows the user to incorporate illumination and multistage filtration in a contemporary designed aquarium.?

?The coolest of the features has to be the 36 white and 3 RGB adjustable LEDs that allow your tank to stand out while also promoting plant growth.??

The tank also achieves the highest water quality form its 3-stage filtration system that includes oversized mechanical foam, chemical carbon and biological (Biomax) media.??


Credit: Fluval


Price: $129.99?


Intellikatt Interactive Cat Bowl?

We highlighted a bowl earlier that targeted interaction and stimulation by your pets but this bowl is just for the Cats.


Credit: Intellikatt


The Intellikatt bowl is a bowl that was created as a stimulating challenge for cats that ensures a slower feeding time as well. You can easily change the patterns and difficulty level by changing the bowls height and using the removable parts. There are over 500 configuration possibilities to help reduce bad behaviors by making him or her work their dexterity to allow him/her to eat their kibble.??

Credit: BeOneBreed


?Price: $19.99?



PlayDate is a smart pet monitoring system?in the form of a ball. The ball is not just any kind of ball but is a one-of-a kind interactive toy that allows you to play with your dog from anywhere you are. ??

Many of us pet owners dread the moment we close the door behind us, leaving our pets at home when life pulls us away from them. The creators of PlayDate?knew that there had to be a way to connect with your pets when you leave, keeping them from becoming destructive and help with separation anxiety.??

With PlayDate Smart ball pet parents can?simply download the app and start driving the ball from where ever they are. The ball also has two-way?audio and a wide angel camera,?for a truly interactive experience with your pet. ?

If you?re like me and hate leaving your dog or cat at home, then this pet toy may just be a way to keep in touch with them when you’re away.?

Credit: PlayDate


?Price: $249?

These products were just a handful of those on exhibit at this year’s Global Pet Expo. If you want to check out more of the products and see a list of this years winners be sure to check out the latest press release! We hope these pet toys inspire your next innovation!

Happy Inventing!











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