The Best of Home + Housewares Show 2019 Is Here!

The Best of Home + Housewares Show 2019 Is Here!

As you know, Edison Nation likes to keep up with innovations in the home and housewares space, what better way to do that than take a look at was hot at the International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago. This year, the trends seem to lean toward convenience, Smart features, and really good coffee.

Take a look at our highlighted picks and hopefully get some great ideas for your next innovation to elevate the home space:

Kooduu Synergy LED Lamps

What?s better than relaxing with the right mood lighting, a speaker with your best organized playlist as its muse, and a cooler filled with your favorite adult beverages? It probably goes without saying that you?d jump at the chance to combine all three. And that?s just what Kooduu?s Synergy LED lamps do. They pull all the elements of a great party together in one cool item: Danish-style designer lamp, Bluetooth-enabled speaker offering high-quality sound, and a compartment that does double duty as a cooler or vase.

Choose from three different sizes: Synergy 35S (1.3 liters), Synergy 50S (2 liters), and Synergy 65S (4.8 liters).


Credit: Kooduu

Retail Price:??115.00 -??199.00


BODUM PEBO? Vacuum Coffee Maker

This feels like science meets coffee preparation. [(Coffee Grounds + H?O + Vapor Pressure) Vacuum Pressure]/2 Glass Bowls = the Perfect Brew. Okay, you?re right ? it?s not rocket science, but it is a pretty darn good cup of coffee.

BODUM is already well-known for its accessible, yet elegant coffee makers. So, it should be no surprise that they also excel at presenting this vacuum process so beautifully. The PEBO? brewing process is purported to extract out all oils from your favorite brand of grounds. Make up to 8 cups of velvety sunshine in as little as 11 minutes in this European made, dishwasher safe counter art.


Retail Price: $53.95


Bartesian Cocktail Machine

It?s like a Keurig, but for liquor! How tedious is it trying to remember which specialized ingredients go into your favorite advanced cocktail? Or reminding yourself how to NOT be heavy-handed while pouring?

Enter the Bartesian Cocktail Machine. It?s a simple process that yields results on par with any pro mixologist. Just pop in the capsule for your drink of choice (only 6 selections for now), add bottles of any shelf liquor for mixing, pick a strength, including mocktails for the kiddos and let it work. Bar mat, cap holder, lids, and glass bottles are all dishwasher safe. The machine measures 13.25? wide, 12.75? deep and 12.5? high, so it won?t take up too much space at the bar.

Get your own personal bartender, no tips necessary!


Retail Price: $299


ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 930 Floor Cleaning Robot

Well, it looks like the price of a personal maid for those days when you just can?t have finally gotten within reach. The vacuuming and mopping of floors in your house can be confidently handed over to ? a robot. And to sweeten the deal, you can schedule the cleaning cycles via your smartphone.

The ECOVACS DEEBOT OZMO 930 is the gift you always wanted, but didn?t know you needed. Using Adaptive Floor Sensing, it effortlessly switches between vacuum and mopping modes. Smart Navi helps the DEEBOT map your home to customize areas to avoid for precision cleaning. Schedule times using the ECOVACS app with the support of Amazon Alexa? and Google Assistant?. Relax, the maid is in!


Retail Price: $449


De?Longhi Pinguino Smart 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner

Welcome to the comfort zone. No offense to former Miss America, Vanessa Williams?s hit record, but it seems that De?Longhi may have a more credible link to that phrase. For over 40 years, the heating and cooling brand has shown its leadership in the comfort space. The De?Longhi Pinguino Smart 4-in-1 Portable Air Conditioner offers the innovation of helping you ?create your ideal comfort zone at home.?

With four functions, cooling, heating, dehumidifying, and fan, that are designed to work most effectively in rooms up to 500 square feet. Smart features through the De?Longhi PAC app let you control temps, adjust fan speeds, and schedule remotely with voice control options via Google Assistant? and Amazon Alexa?. Real Feel technology helps control humidity and temperature reduction and along with the BioSilver air filter go above and beyond to lock in the best comfort level available.

Credit: Chris Monroe/CNET

Retail Price:?$750