Licensing Success for Ricardo Avil?s? Medi-Spout with Apothecary Products!

Licensing Success for Ricardo Avil?s? Medi-Spout with Apothecary Products!

We?re thrilled to announce the second product from Apothecary Products, Ricardo Avil?s? Medi-Spout!

It all started over two years ago when Ricardo Avil?s was inspired by his son to create and share the idea for his Pill-Assisting Bottle Cap (a/k/a Medi-Spout) with Edison Nation.

The idea of my invention occurred to me because of my son. ?He has autism and suffers from his difficulty to swallow. The need in his taking his the pills without any problems inspired me to develop this invention. ?In March, I discovered many people suffers from this sensory aspect and for that reason I developed the invention that would reduce that drowning sensation and be easy to use.

Apothecary Products agreed with Ricardo?s hypothesis and licensed the product from the search. ?

During that two-year timeframe, Health Enterprises was purchased by Apothecary Products. Apothecary has been a fantastic partner to Edison Nation, licensing several products and already launching Robert Pontius? Nasal Aspirator.

About Ricardo

Ricardo is from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Besides inventing, in his career, Ricardo has dabbled in advertising, production, copy-writing and graphic design. He is currently the Coordinator of the Department of Communications at Caribbean University.

Like many of our innovators, Ricardo found Edison Nation through our television program, Everyday Edisons and joined in 2015.

Ideas are everywhere, you just have to go after them…I spend my time imagining, inventing, creating concepts and trying to see how things can be improved. As Walt Disney said, ?if you can dream it, you can create it?.

For Ricardo, seeing his son with his difficulty, the idea of this invention was born out of a simple need to solve a problem.

The Medi-Spout

Now called the Ezy Dose Medi-Spout,?Ricardo?s ?Pill-Assisting Bottle Cap? is an easy solution to a big problem for many people: swallowing pills. With the Medi-Spout, the user simply inserts the tablet, capsule or vitamin into the spout and drinks a beverage as they normally would. The pill is naturally swallowed, eliminating any bad taste and reducing anxiety.

The unique design of the bottle cap ensures the beverage and pill mix together in the user?s mouth, so when the swallow reflex takes over, the pill can be ingested without incident. The product fits all pills up to ?? in size and the bottle cap fits on most beverage bottles making taking pills on the go fast and cost effective.

The Ezy Dose Medi-Spout?is currently available on Amazon and will be available in drug stores soon. Apothecary Products also plans to make a child version of the product under their Ezy Dose Kids brand.

We congratulate Ricardo again on his success!

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