Best of ABC Kids Expo 2018

Best of ABC Kids Expo 2018

New parents rejoice, we have been keeping up with the latest baby trends from this year’s ABC Kids Expo!

? ?Last week was the annual ABC Kids Expo where over 600 exhibitors gathered in Las Vegas to promote their products. We captured the top five innovations that stood out to us below!

The Vianetic Diaper Bag

Courtesy: Vianetic

The Vianetic is the smartest diaper backpack you?ll see this year.


The Vianetic Diaper backpack was designed by new parents who saw a need to change the old diaper bag into something more user-friendly. Together they developed a bag that provides easy organization and allows for a parent to change their child on any surface with just one free hand.?


The Vianetic backpack brings style and organization to the diaper bag world. It utilizes a German-engineered magnetic pull-release lock that allows for fast release for parents to get into the bag without annoying zippers. The bag has one main compartment with an easy reach organizer for all changing needs, a fold out changing pad and self standing feet so the bag doesn?t fall over.

CollapseAndGo Baby Bottle

Courtesy: Collapseandgo


The Collapsible baby bottle and sippy was another innovation created by parents because they themselves had the need. With many different baby bottles on the market, the parents who created CollaspeAndGo?saw the need for a space-saving baby bottle. Together they decided there needed to be a baby bottle that would collapse and also not turn over. They began their innovation journey in June of 2017, and after creating their prototypes and completing product testing, they launched a crowdfunding campaign in April of 2018. The crowdfunding campaign was a success and product is expected to begin shipping out in November of 2018.


The collapsible baby bottle’s patented design collapses to the size of a hockey puck, making storage a breeze. The bottle’s design also yields to a tip-proof cup, minimizing chances for messes. The bottle and sippy cup hold 10 ounces of liquid.

Courtesy: Collaspeandgo



Courtesy: RayBaby


The RayBaby was created when three people, Ranjana Nair, Aardra Kannan Ambili and Sanchi Poovaya, were watching a friend’s baby, who was born prematurely. The need was there to find a less invasive way to monitor a little one.

The outcome was a sophisticated and high-end technology that monitors sleep and breathing of a baby. The monitor plus app allows users to set a sleep goal and help create a better bedtime routine.

Design and Technology

RayBaby is like no other baby monitor because it combines video and wellness monitoring normally provided by wearables but without contact to the child. RayBaby combines these technologies in one AI-powered unit that interprets all data helping parents form better routines for their children. This is all done via radar technology, similar to that of a mobile phone and is safe for babies.


Courtesy: Hashtag Kidz


There are many teething options for little ones these days but there is a new option. One that combines a teething toy with a snack pouch! Meet the ChewBuddy by Hashtag Kidz. The ChewBuddy comes in three fun and cute shapes, a bird, bee and ladybug.


The ChewBuddy was parent-tested. Its design includes a handle for little hands. The ChewBuddy is made from 100% BPA-free, food-grade silicone, making it durable and safe. The design includes textured surfaces for soothing of sore gums during teething. It was also designed to store snacks in the pouch on the underside. The pouch also allows the parent to flip the ChewBuddy inside out and easily store it in any pacifier container.

Courtesy: Hashtag kidz


Courtesy: RockerMama??

We’ve saved the best for last!

The Ready Rocker? was named 2018 New Product Award of Distinction.


The Ready Rocker? by RockerMama was created after a mom asked herself this question, “Why can’t I rock my baby from the comfort of my own bed?”? Founder Milena, asked herself this question in 2015 and set out on her way to create what is known today as RockerMama.

The Ready Rocker allows moms to rock their little one’s from anywhere in just three simple steps;

  1. SET?the Ready Rocker??securely against an immovable object where there is sufficient support to safely lean into.
  2. SIT?with the Ready Rocker??between your back and the stationary object.
  3. SHIFT?your weight into the Ready Rocker?, pushing back gently until comfortably reclined. Then simply allow the Ready Rocker??to rebound you forward to your starting position. Repeat!

We hope these products inspire?your next idea?and who knows, maybe next year we?ll be featuring YOUR product!

Happy Inventing!