Welcome Fall – Innovations to Welcome in The Season

Welcome Fall – Innovations to Welcome in The Season

Fall is almost here and that means we?re highlighting some old and new innovations that have fall written all over them!

The Flavors of Fall


We all know the first thing that gets released that puts everyone in the mood for fall? anything pumpkin spice. One usual trend is the ever so popular pumpkin spice latte. You can get them wherever coffee is sold these days. The pumpkin spice? latte has a reputation for being “basic” but did you know a former Stanford male athlete was the inventor? Former basketball player and MBA graduate, Peter Dukes, is who we and Starbucks can thank for this popular espresso drink.?


Football Season

Fall is also the kick off of football season and that leads to tailgating.

Tailgating innovations have come a long way from just sitting on the truck bed eating your pack food and indulging in your favorite beverage. Now with tailgating comes more than just food, but also games. We?ve highlighted a few innovations below.


While the history of the game has an uncertain origin, this is by far the most popular of tailgate games. The game is rather simple, where players take turns throwing bags of corn at a raised platform with a hole in the far end. A bag in the hole scores 3 points, while one on the platform scores 1 point. Play continues until a team or player reaches the score of 21.


Hang N Out

We all know that after any tailgating event trash is a big problem? luckily there is a solution for keeping your trash together while enjoying the pre-game festivities. This outdoor trash can is great because you no longer have to figure out tying it to your doors or just sitting on the ground. With the Hang N Out trash can you simply attach the trash bag holder to the top of your tire.

Photo Credit: Hang-N-Out

Pick Your Own Apples

Apple season in the Carolina?s hits early fall, end of September, so the time is now. This activity is one that can be enjoyed by many, young to old, and it usually is best done at farms that also have apple goodies.

Apple picking can be easy or hard depending on where you go. This innovation is one that can make apple picking easier. The?Eversprout Fruit Picker, twists onto a threaded pole, like that of a paint poll. This provides a quick, reliable, and secure attachment that won’t come loose as you pick!

Photo Credit: Eversprout

At many apple farms you will find, apple donuts, cider, apple jams, candies and other fall goodies.

Do you have a favorite apple or are you planning on taking your family apple picking? Share with us in the comments!

Enjoying Fall Nights Outside

The perfect time to be outside with friends and family are on those cool autumn nights. Gather around a small bonfire and make s’mores, or roast hot dogs. These are just simple activities that you can do to enjoy fall.


When planning your bonfire this fall be sure to prepare good food, gather needed materials, and create a safe fun atmosphere for your guests.

No bonfire is complete without S?mores, what’s a bonfire without it? If you encounter rain but still want to have the s?mores experience check out this innovation that brings the fun safely inside; Nostalgia Electric S’mores Maker.

Photo Credit: Nostalgia

When planning your outdoor nights, you can’t forget about the food. Outdoor grills can be great but with cooking innovations growing, we found a product that allows you to cook in your backyard, or at your campsite. The Frontier Plus is a new portable wood burning stove that is sure to help you enjoy those fall nights by providing you a heat and a cooking source.

Photo Credit: Frontier Plus


These innovations are just a few that get us excited for Fall but there are many more! Share your favorite fall activities with us below! If you have any ideas that are perfect for enjoying Fall even more, share those with us in the Open search!


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