Licensed Product Update for Robert Pontius’ Nasal Aspirator!

Licensed Product Update for Robert Pontius’ Nasal Aspirator!

Earlier this year, Edison Nation shared the?success story around Robert Pontius’ Nasal Aspirator product. Apothecary Products licensed this concept in 2016 and in January, released the Nasal Aspirator at CVS stores nationwide.

But that was only the beginning…

We’re VERY excited to share that Apothecary Products has now released the Ezy Dose Kids Nose-Pals Nasal Aspirator!

Featuring some awesome new improvements to the first version of the product, here is Apothecary’s official description:

Snot sucks. But you don?t have to. Nose-Pals nasal aspirator was invented for those who worry about mucus transfer from child to caregiver. The unique aspirator allows you to blow out to create suction, eliminating the need for filters and bringing peace of mind to caregivers. The aspirator cleans easily with soap and warm water, the collection chambers are recyclable, so even less mess for you. The kit comes with the aspirator, four collection chambers, and a storage bag to keep everything together. Collection chamber refill kits are also available.

Beyond the added functionality, our favorite part is that the monkey on the product is named “Mr. Bananas.”

We checked in with Robert after sharing the product imagery and packaging:

“I’m absolutely delighted with this version of the product! It’s both “high-tech” looking with the translucent blue material and “kid-friendly” with the Mr. Bananas design – a perfect combination! And of course, there’s the added functionality with the disposable collection chamber, spares, and optional replacement pack, which is not only a practical benefit but a persuasive sales point as well – “completely removing the yuck factor”. The inclusion of a storage bag is a major plus as well, and adds yet more “perceived value” (and real value) – so much better than throwing the product unprotected into a drawer or keeping it in a Ziploc. I really couldn’t be happier.”

The product is available to order now on Amazon for $19.99. It will also be available in various drug stores with additional expansion to mass grocery in 2019. (I don’t know about you, but I already ordered one for my little one!)

Then, we surprised Robert and sent him the product…

“When I returned home late last?night a wonderful surprise was waiting for me – a box from you with a Nose-Pals sample inside! It was such a magical experience to open that box and first find a sublimely marvelous card from you and then be able to hold my invention – now a real “product” in my hands. And I love this version of the product. The CVS version has its own unique merits but this one ups the game even further. I notice the Nose-Pals has a larger opening in the nose section and more “powerful” suction, so it can be a little more effective for older kids in addition to babies (though the CVS version also works well for older kids). It occurs to me that CVS could even stock this version of the product “non-competitive” with their CVS version!


“I love, love, love the blue color, the kid-friendly monkey theme, the replaceable collection chambers, the colorful packaging, the storage bag, and even little details like the angled venturi tube and relief holes at the outlet end. Just absolutely brilliant execution of this product!

“Again, thank you (and the EN team) so much for all of your help along the way and for this wonderful surprise!”

The team at Apothecary Products has been a wonderful partner and we’re so thrilled to share the continued success of this product!

Congratulations Robert!

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  1. Robert Pontius

    Thank you EN team and Apothecary Products! I really couldn’t be happier. I figure with the Nose-Pals refill collection chambers available as a separate SKU and the CVS version out there as well we’ve had THREE “products” spring from just one invention – really incredible!

    Thanks again!

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