Innovations Just in Time for Back to School!

Innovations Just in Time for Back to School!

It’s that time of the year again, summer is coming to an end and the kids are getting ready to start another school year… Are you ready?

We’ve put together a few items that you and your kids will be glad to have this year. The innovations these products have are new and exciting and children and adults will see their benefit. We love school supplies so this list was hard to narrow down to just a few items, but we think you’ll like the items we chose.

Reusable Food Bags by Stasher

These are not your regular sandwich or chip bags for the lunchbox.

Plastic bags that we use for lunch items just got a major upgrade. The reusable bags from Stasher are made from silicone, can be washed in the washing machine and reused over 300 times!

Credit: Stasher

It seems that this is another industry trend that makes sense for anyone to adopt. Who wouldn?t want to get on the train to help reduce plastic and use something multiple times in multiple ways? So many of today?s products are evoking change and in ways that many want to support.


There?s a new notebook on the block!

Do you ever wish that you could have keep all your notes in one notebook? You can now do just that with the Rocketbook Wave and Everlast notebooks! These notebooks are basically genius. You can take notes or make a sketch and connect it to Google Drive, Slack, Box, iCloud, Evernote, iMessage or email. Once you?ve connected your book to those destinations, you can scan your pages from the Rocketbook App and send them on the spot and even print.

Credit: Rocketbook

Rocketbook was invented by Joe Lemay and Jake Epstein in 2014 and was patented in 2016. The idea started after Joe, a sales executive forgot the correct notebook for an important meeting at work. Joe began using smart notebooks and electronic pens but they all seemed to be missing something. That?s when Joe met with friend and product developer Jake and they came up with this idea for a ?cloud connected paper notebook that keeps us organized?.

The Rocketbook may be the best notebook you invest in this school year and the years to come. The innovation is like nothing else and being able to erase a whole notebook means that you can reuse them year after year.?

Scented Pens and Pencils by Scentco

Regular pens and pencils just aren?t cool anymore.

These days kids want to write with scented pens and pencils. Scented pens and pencils make learning more fun while providing the function to get them through all their classes. These scented pens and pencils may even inspire them to do their homework?

Credit: Scentco

Scented pens and pencils have been around since 2000. The idea for scented pencils and pens began in an apartment in Vancouver. In 2001, the product really started coming together and the company Scentco was born. The company began by selling their scented pencils (Smencils) to schools all over as a fundraising effort for schools.

(I was a middle schooler who didn?t know that I was supporting the school when I bought these cool pencils)

Smencil Scents

Today, Scentco has continued to grow outside of just pencils and pens. They?ve partnered with big name companies like Disney, Marvel, Dreamworks and Crayola to expand their line of scented products.

Do-Overs Erasable Highlighters

Have you ever needed a do-over?

We all have at some point in time or another. This is product allows you to go back and undo all the coloring that began after you?ve used a highlighter.

Credit: Ooly

Highlighting can easily get out of control ultimately causing the student to miss important information. The do-over erasable highlighters work in conjunction with an anti-highlighter solution on the opposite end that allows you to go over what you highlighted, leaving it unhighlighted. These erasable highlighters are great for any age!

BioLite – Powerlight Mini

If you have kids going off to college this year, this may be the perfect back to school gift.

The purpose of PowerLight is to offer the user a hands free light. The device can be clipped to your clothing or object, hung or used on a tabletop. PowerLight can also be attached to your bike for those evening rides, using the red strobe light.

The light itself has five lantern modes; White, Bright White, Red, White Strobe and previously mentioned Red Strobe. The white light in lantern mode can also be dimmed at the touch of a button. Oh, and did I mention the other unique thing about this little, yet powerful light is that it also doubles as a charger?

Credit: BioLite

There are many more new and innovative items that kids of all ages will be into this school year, these were just a few of our favorites. The products we highlighted all have been innovations on existing products and we hope that these innovative ideas inspire your next idea! Remember to think outside the box of existing items and remember to keep it simple!


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