ASOTV Trends

A good ASOTV product is one that has appeal, it solves a problem the person didn?t think they had or it is something that has the wow factor big enough to entice the buyer.

Many of the current ASOTV trends are in the following categories:

  • Home
  • Electronics
  • Health and Fitness
  • Toys

Several of the categories above can be divided into smaller pockets of products, for example, ?home? can be anything from storage and organization to products in the kitchen. In the past, ASOTV products were set at lower price points and were novelties ?one hit wonders?. Lower price points meant cheaper manufacturing and more ?infomercial driven? marketing tactics.

Times, they are a changin?…

Higher Price Points

Today in the ASOTV industry we can see the growing demand for items with a higher price point because the item could have more appeal within retail spaces. Products like the ?Snuggie? solved a problem many didn?t know they had and there was a strong appeal about a blanket that wouldn?t fall off of you when you got up. They weren?t just made to be used at home but the messaging included use at sporting events as well.


Packaging plays another part in the success or failure of a product once released. When a customer ?sees a product on a store shelf, the packaging should inform them of its use and function within three to five seconds. Even though we do not require our innovators to design packaging for their ideas, it is definitely something to consider when submitting your idea to the ASOTV search. Over the past year, the following products ?well-received in the ASOTV market because the messaging was clear, quick and the product was demonstrable.

Tips To Keep in Mind When Submitting To The ASOTV Search

  • The price point to think about for an ASOTV product is now anywhere between $12.99+
  • Smaller + pricier > bigger + cheaper
  • Products with a small package footprint are ideal.
  • 95% of sales for ASOTV companies are now made in-store. Stores like Walmart, Target, Walgreens and Bed Bath and Beyond now have large ASOTV sections in their store and online.
  • Concepts must have a large ?reach? or ?mass market appeal? to meet the customers? needs

What to consider when submitting your idea

  • Does the description convey the message of the product within 3-5 seconds or two sentences?
  • Does the product solve a large and/or significant problem?
  • Is it demonstratable?
  • Will the price point be reasonable?
  • Does it require tools or another product to work?
  • Will it make people do a ?double take? when walking past?

Now that you have answered these questions, are you ready to submit your idea to the ASOTV Search?

Happy Inventing and don?t forget to check the official ASOTV Forum Thread for the latest ASOTV announcements, you never know when you could see your name announced!


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