New Opportunity! In Good Company: – The 2018 Optimal Aging Challenge

Edison Nation is proud to support?In Good Company: The 2018 Optimal Aging Challenge, a?global innovation challenge for the improvement of well-being in aging populations.

The challenge seeks to develop breakthrough technologies, community resources and solutions that reduce social isolation and loneliness among older adults.

?Led by our Council to Address Aging, Massachusetts is thinking differently about aging and we are proud to be one of the few states in the country certified by AARP?for our commitment to become more??age-friendly,?? said Governor Baker.??The In Good Company Challenge is a great opportunity to improve the lives of older adults. We look forward to seeing what this challenge will develop so that Massachusetts can help ensure that those who grew up, raised families and built our communities, can continue to contribute their energy, experience and talents toward making Massachusetts a great place.?

Competition sponsors of the In Good Company: The 2018 Optimal Aging Challenge include GE Healthcare, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology AgeLab and Benchmark Senior Living, in collaboration with three members of the Governor’s Council to Address Aging in Massachusetts Innovation and Technology Workgroup.

This challenge invites community members, creative thinkers, entrepreneurs, students, businesses, universities – anyone – to submit an Entry with innovations to reduce isolation and loneliness older adults too often experience. Propose an idea drawing on at least one of the four pillars: Caregiving, Transportation, Housing and Employment.

Entry Requirements:?

Entries must provide an introduction and high-level overview of your idea or technology. Each Entry must include the following sections:

  • A description of proposed idea or technology, including:
    • A clearly framed problem, an explanation of how your innovation solves that problem (including rationale for how it will reduce isolation and loneliness), and a strong value proposition;
    • A clear definition of the pricing and business model for your solution, including a distinction between buyers and users, vision for the market, and why this solution is different from other offerings currently on the market;
    • A plan for how success of the program / idea / technology will be measured and evaluated;
    • Evidence (such as direct interviews, focus groups, or survey data) of the target population confirming that your solution would benefit them and their network;
    • A detailed estimate of the type and amount of impact the program / idea / technology should drive within the Massachusetts market;
    • Explanation regarding how the solution will be accessible to diverse populations and communities;
    • A clear description of the feasibility of deployment of the program / idea / technology within the Massachusetts market; and,
    • Any supporting documentation (e.g., illustrations, performance data, preliminary evidence, etc.).
  • The technical maturity of proposed solution or technology, including:
    • A description of commercialization progress to date (current technical maturity);
    • A description of a pathway to commercial scale (including timing, estimated budget, and any barriers to bringing your solution to market); and,
    • Level of interest in collaborating to bring your solution to market.
  • Entrant?s (or each team member?s, if Entry is a team) background and related expertise (such as a CV)

To participate, submit an entry by September 28, 2018 at 5pm ET. Judges will evaluate submissions throughout October and November and announce winners in December 2018.