Summer Innovations

With warm temperatures in the Carolinas, it?s beginning to feel like summer and that got me thinking about summer innovations. I put together five of my favorite innovations that I would would like to have to help make summer even better!


? ?The TreePod will be a staple in many backyards this summer. It was recently featured at the National Hardware Show after a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2015. Now, it?s ready to hit the market.

? ?TreePod was designed to be a spacious hanging retreat. With the popularity of hammocks like Eno, the TreePod combines all the features of a hammock, chair and tent to make for the perfect chill spot. TreePod is something that any outdoor lover will enjoy AND they can also be used INSIDE which is a huge plus! The company also has a partnership with Trees for the Future – for every TreePod purchased a tree is planted. This is sure to be a hit this summer with adults and kids alike.

Credit: TreePod


? ?Roomba was the first indoor robot that helped to make home chores less. Now there are outdoor robots that do the mowing for you while you sit back and enjoy your Saturday. Landroid is the one of the new cordless robotic mowers that you will want to take a look at if you?re in the need of a new mower this season.

? ?The Worx Landroid mower is easy to operate. With its user-friendly control panel, once it?s set to mow, your time is all yours. This mower even has rain sensors to notify the it of rain so it goes back to its charging dock until the rain has stopped and the grass is no longer wet!

? ?Now robots don?t just exist inside your home to help with chores, they are helping outside too! While robotic mowers can seem a little pricey, who doesn?t want the ability to sit back on the patio with an ice cold drink and watch the yard work get done? We certainly think so! 😉 If you feel guilty for having something do the work for you, you can always set it to mow while you continue to work on other household chores.

Credit: Worx Landroid

Final Straw

? ?The only straw you will ever need. This product also ?allows you to be a part of the movement to reduce the use of plastic that enters oceans and landfills every year.

? ?Final Straw began their journey earlier this year, launching a Kickstarter campaign?in April. Final Straw is the world’s first collapsible, reusable straw. The mission of Final Straw is to reduce plastic straw use and make more people aware of the effects of plastic pollution to our planet. With numbers in the millions and videos of sea life affected by straws going viral, who wouldn?t want to add this to their summer wish list. I know I am more aware of straw use everyday and if you?re like me, this travel straw seems to be ?a smart innovation to add to your wishlist.

Credit: FinalStraw

GoSun Sport Energy Efficient Solar Cooker Stove

? ?Summertime is all about getting outside and having summer barbecues, but with this invention you don?t have to stay home to cook.

? ?The GoSun Stove allows you to hike, camp, be on the beach or lake and cook a meal right there, no gas or electricity needed. This portable cooker uses solar energy to cook foods in as little as ten minutes (pretty fast for sun cooking!). With cooking temps anywhere between 200?F to a max of 550?F, this cooker stove is a game-changer.

? ?As long as the sun is shining your meal is cooking!

Credit: GoSun


Solar Paper by Yolk

? ?Ever wondered if you could charge your phone or iPad from the solar panel? Well the answer is, you can!

? ?Solar Paper has designed the world’s slimmest and lightest solar panel system that is almost the size of an iPhone. This innovation allows users to take a lightweight solar panel charger with them wherever they want to go. This solar panel charger can fully charge your cell phone in about 2.5 hours, which is almost the same time as a wall charger, for those times you?re actually inside this summer. Did I mention this is also water resistant? You can take Solar Paper to the pool, lake and beach and keep your electronics charged so you never miss a beat. I think this is definitely going to be something that takes off, especially with more thoughts from companies on being more environmentally friendly.

Credit: Yolk – Solar Paper

There are a ton of cool gadgets out there but I thought these were noteworthy in preparation for summer days and nights and I hope you do too! If these ideas gave you any inspiration, send us your idea, we?d love to hear it!!

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  1. Chase

    The go sun solar stove is a great idea, too bad it?s just not a little bigger for more varities of food.

  2. Jim Sage

    I have been watching the Final Sraw campaign on Kickstarter and it had a huge amount of backers. Really has raised my awareness of Straw waste.

  3. Javier Vega

    Genial idea!
    Yo tambi?n quisiera que mi invent” pueda estar con usted..
    ? s?lo hablo espa?ol.
    Vivo en Puerto Rico…y aqu? no existe fabricantes..

  4. Javier Vega

    Quiero cambiar en el mundo como los seres humanos instalan l?mparas…yo lo realiz? sin herramientas…s?lo con mis manos y s?lo en 3 a 5 segundos..

  5. Michelle

    Le invitamos a enviar su idea a Edison Nation en espa?ol, mientras que nuestro sitio est? formateado en ingl?s, podemos traducir sus respuestas. ?La mejor de las suertes!

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