10 Innovative New Products from the 2018 National Hardware Show

10 Innovative New Products from the 2018 National Hardware Show

Last week, the National Hardware Show wrapped in Las Vegas.

Along with new and progressive products from more than 2,800 distributors, this year?s Show also featured innovative technology and immersive experiences like Ultimate Backyard.

Ultimate Backyard

These experiences were designed to help retailers differentiate their businesses and also included the Smart Home Virtual Reality Experience and Operation Tiny Home.

We?ve collected some of our favorite new, innovative products featured at the show to inspire YOUR next idea (and maybe add to your toolbox!).


The AMPTAMP reduces arm-numbing shock, bounce and recoil, is height-adjustable and provides a more efficient transfer of impulse energy into the soil during use.


The Shelfie? is a portable, already assembled, easy-to-install instant shelf that simply attaches to a utility sink. The Shelfie is made from heavy-duty, waterproof and stain resistant polypropylene and is Made in the USA.

K-Co Innovations GLU All-Purpose Adhesive

GLU is the only solvent-free, 100% pure glue available in the market. Used for decades in industrial and commercial applications, K-CO Products brings this powerful formula to the consumer for the first time. GLU bonds plastics, metal , stone, glass, porcelain and virtually every other material in 30 seconds and thus lives up to the promise of “All- Purpose Adhesive.” “Finally?A Glue For Everything,? Plastics, Metals, Stone, Glass, Leather, Porcelain, Rubber, Paper, Plexiglass, Wood, Fiberglass, Ceramics, PVC, Nylon, Nitrile, EPDM, Chrome, SBR, Valox, Phenolic, Latex, Bakelite, Chloroprene, Granite, Marble and more.


MagnetPAL is made from rare earth metals to give it incredible power packed in rust proof ABS plastic. This strong housing allows the brittle rare earth materials to used in everyday applications. Hide a key, key organizer, stud finder, give any tool belt a magnetic pocket, organize your bits, nuts, bolts, screws, 1000s of uses. Use it or lose it.

Rite in the Rain

The ultimate inventor’s notebook.?This 3″ x 5″ top-spiral notebook is small enough to fit comfortably in a pocket and tough enough to survive any of Mother Nature’s onslaughts. This scrappy pocket notebook will survive rain, sweat, mud, Snow, oil and grease. The non-glare gray paper is legible in bright sunlight. The impact-resistant Wire-O binding won’t lose its shape. The polydura cover defends notes from scratches and stains. Rite in the Rain All-Weather Writing Products have been made in Tacoma Washington, USA since 1916.

Robbox Robotic Tools

The mission of Robbox Tools is to innovate for safety. Their vision is to create a world where humans command the tools and interact with them without having to ?physically hold them. They are developing a complete lineup of robotic hand tools that use smart technology to automatically adapt to various home and industrial tasks and provide real-time feedback to the operator.

Simplay3 Easy Haul Flat Bed Yard and Garden Wagon

The Easy Haul Flat Bed Cart is the carry-all companion to haul almost anything almost anywhere! The extra long handle and 2 large wheels make our flatbed easy to maneuver, and its durable plastic construction offers years of use. The handle can be removed for efficient storage or easy transport. Whether you?re landscaping, carrying equipment to the soccer field or hauling wood to the house, this lightweight cart easily moves the heaviest of loads.

VELCRO? STAYHOLD? and PetFace??brands



STAYHOLDTM?vehicle cargo and trunk organizers are ideal for holding groceries, luggage, paint tins, plants and other everyday items. They offer drivers a simple, versatile and effective way to keep their items safe during transit. Options available for both carpet and rubber mat liners.

From leashes to toys, beds and feeders for dogs, cats and wild birds, the PetFace? brand offers innovative and reliable pet goods. The brand, popular in the U.K., was recently introduced into the U.S. market.

Yard Force 120vRX Lithium-Ion Tool Family

These tools (lawn mowers, leaf blowers, power washers and more) produce the power, torque and run-time of gas-powered products without the mess, smell, maintenance and hassle of a gas engine. All the products in the Yard Force series use the same battery for convenience and ease-of-use.

About the National Hardware Show ??????????

The National Hardware Show? celebrates a rich history spanning nearly 75 years of serving the home improvement marketplace. From its early beginnings in New York during the post-World War 2 housing boom and eventual move to Chicago in the 1970s, to today?s current location in Las Vegas, NHS continually evolves through the industry?s involvement, commitment and passion to improving America?s quality of life through their homes. Today, NHS is the place for global manufacturers, associations, organizations and the media to get an unfiltered view of the industry, hands-on experiences, and access to the latest innovations and retail trends to enhance their business.

We hope these products inspired you and maybe next year we’ll be featuring one of YOUR ideas!

Happy Inventing!

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