Green Innovation: Just in Time For Earth Day

Green Innovation: Just in Time For Earth Day

With spring in full bloom, now is the perfect time to make your home more environmentally friendly.?

One of the first tasks as Spring begins usually takes place outside the home. We put a lot of time into our green space and often times, looking back, we realize we could have done things more efficiently. With innovation all around us, we?ve found some products that can help to make this year your best lawn year.

Green IQ

If you want that lush green lawn (the kind we dream about) lawn irrigation is a must. The days of regular sprinkler systems are going to become obsolete with this new irrigation technology. An irrigation company called GreenIQ has become the pioneer of irrigation technology, making it more Eco-friendly and manageable. ?

?We are committed to innovating and creating the ultimate smart garden experience, while protecting the planet and saving our customers money.? Green IQ?s founder and CEO, Odi Dahan.

The idea of technology being innovative and protecting the planet is nothing new but there have been new ideas and a focus to make innovative products that serve multiple functions. GreenIQ has introduced a new way to manage your lawn and garden’s irrigation system through their Smart Garden Hub. The hub allows the user to control the irrigation schedule based on the predicted weather forecast for your area, in turn saving you up to 50% of outdoor water consumption.

The Garden Hub is easy to install, connecting to your home WiFi system and is easily controlled from your smartphone. Home irrigation has never sounded so simple!?

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Photo Credit: Green IQ


Another new green innovation that also utilizes smart technology to help keep plants and gardens healthy and thriving! The Edyn Smart Garden System?monitors and provides real time environmental conditions with the use of a sensor that is planted into the soil. The sensor then uses your WiFi connection to notify you of changes in the soil nutrition, light, moisture and humidity.

The Edyn Smart Garden System keeps you informed on what?s happening below the soil. It uses the stored data to cross-reference plant databases to give you customized garden advice. The system works ahead of the game by being planted in the ground allowing the user to anticipate changes or problems in the garden before they arise. The guidance that the app provides helps take the guessing out of where to plant tomatoes for the best taste out of the garden. The app also contains more than 5,000 plants in it?s database and? will even track the plants progress letting you know the best time to harvest.

Photo Credit: Edyn

With these two green innovations, we can all have lush green lawns even if we weren’t born with a green thumb. While neither of these products do it all, they WILL take a lot of the guessing work out of gardening and maintaining your lawn and outdoor space. Learn more about green technology by checking out Jeremy’s latest post here.?

We hope this helped to motivate you to get out into your yard or garden and really give those spaces the attention they need. This weekend, give your garden a little TLC!

We hope these inspired your next idea and who knows, maybe next year we?ll be featuring YOUR product!

Happy Inventing!

?We’re here to give your idea its best chance at success!

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