Edison Nation Author Spotlight: Charles Sauer

Edison Nation Author Spotlight: Charles Sauer

“I want to help people gain a better understanding of the world around them.”

-Charles Sauer

At Edison Nation, while our main goal is to help our members get their ideas to market, we also strive to educate our members, providing the resources to help them become better innovators. Within our blog, we’ve shared tips, industry insights, inspirational inventor journeys and stories from fellow innovators.

For our first Author Spotlight, we’re checking in with Charles Sauer – author, speaker, columnist, economist, public policy specialist and friend to Edison Nation – about his book entitled?Profit Motive: What Drives the Things We Do.

What inspired you to write this book?

I am an inventor and tinkerer, but before this book I had never had an idea that I felt was worthy of the risk. I have inventions all over my house. I have at least eight unwritten book ideas, but the idea of “Profit Motive” is the first idea that I have had that people seemed to really like.

My wife has forwarded me emails pointing out the profit motive in them, and the idea also started shaping more and more of our conversations. So, I started talking to friends about it, and they liked the idea. Lastly, I reached out to a book agent – who liked the idea (and my writing) – and he started pitching it to publishers.

When a publisher decided to take on the project – because they saw potential profit for themselves – I knew that I had an idea for a book worth pursuing.

What are your goals for the book?

I want to help people gain a better understanding of the world around them. If you understand a salesman’s tactics – those tactics can manipulated to your advantage.

Or, when inventing or creating a new product the book serves as a reminder that your customers will have their own “Profit Motives” and the invention needs to address those if it is going to be successful. ??

You’ve been involved in various projects alongside Louis Foreman and Edison Nation – can you share some details about those experiences?

One thing that is obvious is that Louis has been successful because he focuses on what other people need. He has done that as an inventor, a business owner, and a friend.

Louis and I have taken on gigantic, powerful, lobbyists together who are were intent on weakening patent rights and making inventing harder, and we have largely come out as winners. That isn’t because we put in more money than the big lobbyists – we each put in more strategy. What do the members want? What is their “Profit?” And we leveraged the networks that we have to show our side of the debate would mean for the country as well as the individual members of Congress.

Any additional information you’d like to share?

While this isn’t an “inventing book” in the classical sense, I think that “Profit Motive” is the perfect book for inventors that are deciding whether or not to take the next step and commercialize their idea.

Charles is the Founder and President of The Market Institute and a frequent contributor and columnist to The Weekly Standard and Washington Examiner. He?s made frequent national media appearances on One America News? ?Graham Ledger Show? as well as ?Tipping Point.? Charles is also an author for expert congressional testimony, and speechwriter for politicians, business owners and academics.

Charles is Co-Director of the Inventors Project, an organization that hosts numerous events in support of inventors each year both on Capitol Hill and around the country.

You can purchase Profit Motive on Amazon.

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