10 Innovations that will make spring cleaning a breeze!

10 Innovations that will make spring cleaning a breeze!

You can feel it, days are getting warmer, the sunset is getting later, blooms are on the trees and birds are chirping…spring is just around the corner.

To help you rid yourself of clutter and inspire your next idea, we?re highlighting 10 of our favorite cleaning innovations!

Eufy RoboVac Pet Edition

The Eufy RoboVac takes on dust-busting around the home so you don’t have to. Multiple cleaning modes and auto-clean scheduling ensure an effortless, thorough clean while you do other things or nothing at all. Low-profile design allows it to go under furniture and eliminate hidden, hard-to-reach dirt. Upgraded wheels traverse over medium-pile carpets and climb thresholds (up to 0.59” high) to reach the next room with ease. When greater vacuuming strength is needed, BoostIQ? technology automatically increases suction strength. ($299 on Amazon)

BISSELL CrossWave Floor and Carpet Cleaning with Wet-Dry Vacuum

I?m not sure about you, but in order to clean my floors, I have three vacuum cleaners, a broom and a wet dusting mop. BISSELL recently created an all-in-one solution to handle any floor surface – the CrossWave. This product vacuums and washes floors at the same time. Featuring a dual-action Multi-Surface brush roll that uses an innovative microfiber and nylon brush to mop and pick up dry debris at the same time. ($220.14 on Amazon)

Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber

If you?re like me, you hate cleaning the bathroom. The Homitt Electric Spin Scrubber may be the answer to our cleaning woes! Powered by a long-lasting rechargeable battery, this scrubber is both powerful and quiet! The 360-degree high rotate speed adjustable brush handle is designed for ultra-gentle, effortless cleansing. ($52.99 on Amazon)

Drillbrush Power Scrubber

With this three-piece brush kit, all you need to do is power up your drill! Now what?s more fun than that? The kit features three different sized brushes that will not scratch. Take your drill to new levels and use these brushes on the tub, sink, baseboards, fiberglass shower enclosures and more. ($17.95 on Amazon)

LOOEEGEE Hygienic Toilet Squeegee

Innovation in the toilet brush category? Sign us up! The LOOEEGEE features 30 micro squeegee blades built into the non-stick flexible silicone pad, providing an easier and more effective way to clean the smooth, curved surface of the toilet bowl. ($39.99 at Amazon)

Gootrades Magic Stainless Steel Cleaning Brush

This little brush the solution to caked on grease. Made of a strong plastic, this brush will easily wipe away any ?oil grunge? in the kitchen with just a little water. ($1.79 for a pack of 2 on Amazon)

Purell Multi-Surface Disinfectant Spray

Bravo Purell, bravo. This disinfectant spray from Purell is the perfect solution to truly ?clean house? after cold and flu season, killing 99.99% of germs on surfaces. Can be used on hard and soft surfaces and is safe for use around pets and children. ($8.58 for a pack of 2 on Amazon)

Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

A microfiber cloth is a simple, fantastic multi-purpose cleaning tool. Able to be used virtually anywhere, microfiber cloths are inexpensive and can be used on a variety of surfaces without damage. ($8.49 for a pack of 24 on Amazon)

Nano Sponge

Made of Nanolon? fiber, Nano Sponges lift dirt, grease & grime like a magnet. The scrubbing side is super durable and can scrub almost anything clean, but won?t scratch. Cleaning a variety of surfaces with us water, the Nanolon? fiber works to reduce toxic cleaning petrochemicals from the home. The best part? They DON?T SMELL! Nano Sponges are guaranteed to stay odor-free and fresh for 30 days or they?ll give you your money back. ($10.99 for a two-pack on Amazon)

?Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Bath Scrubber

Since its inception, Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has been a go to product to attack stains of all kinds. While standard Mr. Clean Magic Erasers do aid in cleaning the bathroom (bye soap scum on glass doors) the Foaming Bath Scrubber kicks it up a notch. This product powers through 3x more soap scum per swipe than the leading bleach all-purpose spray. ($11.48 for a pack of 4 on Amazon)

The purpose of inventing is to create new solutions to simply life?s challenges.

Not sure about you, but we?re all for simplifying cleaning the home. We hope these products inspired you not only to kick off your spring cleaning (going to be adding a few to my shopping cart soon), but also to continue to innovate. Who knows, maybe your product will be in our next top 10!

Happy Inventing! ?

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