The scoop on Edison Nation Insider Membership

The scoop on Edison Nation Insider Membership

What is an Edison Nation Insider membership and what does it mean to be an Insider?

Insider Membership is our premium level of membership, providing our members with added features and benefits to enhance their Edison Nation experience.

What are the benefits of Insider membership?

Discounted Submission Fees

Insiders can submit ideas for just $20 each and opt them into current or future searches for free, giving ideas more opportunities for success at no additional cost. This submission fee is a one-time cost; if the Edison Nation team is able to license your idea, we’ll handle the heavy lifting necessary to get that invention idea to market with our partners.

Feedback at all stages

Insiders receive ongoing feedback from the Edison Nation team. Whether an idea is in the process of being pitched or if it has not been selected to move forward in our review, the Edison Nation evaluation team will provide helpful information to help Insiders improve their ideas.

Insider Licensing Program

This is an exclusive Licensing Program for Insiders with patented or patent-pending ideas. The Licensing team has access and relationships with quite a few retailers and manufacturers across several industries. If a patented or patent-pending idea is accepted into the program, Insiders?will have a team working on their?behalf to introduce their?idea to the right people with the intention of getting it licensed.

The Insider Licensing Program (ILP) works a bit differently from Edison Nation’s traditional innovation searches. Instead of having eight stages of review, the ILP has four. To learn more about this opportunity please visit the Edison Nation Insider Licensing Program search page.


Insider points

Insiders earn reward points for participating in innovation?searches. Points are earned incrementally for each stage an idea passes. Insider Points make free idea submissions, conversations with CEO Louis Foreman and even a lifetime Insider membership possible.

Potential to earn

Insider members have the opportunity to earn success fees for passing the Survey, Web Test and TV Test stages in the?ASOTV search!

Review priority

All ideas submitted by Insiders are flagged in the Edison Nation search review system and reviewed first.

Room 5

Room 5?is a special?announcement page visible only to?Insiders. Every Thursday at 2pm EST, a new bulletin containing the week?s exclusive information is posted here. The information contained in Room 5 is only available to view for 24 hours from the time it is posted. What’s in the name “Room 5”? In 1884, Thomas Edison moved his laboratories from Menlo Park to West Orange, New Jersey. To maintain the utmost secrecy regarding his ideas, he dedicated an exclusive area for the development of his newest inventions. Only a select few were allowed entry. This area was known only as ‘Room 5.’?


Inventors Digest

All Edison Nation Insiders receive a free subscription to Inventors Digest with access to online archives!

Upgrading to an Edison Nation Insider

To upgrade your membership to become an Edison Nation Insider, the cost is a recurring fee of $9.25 per month or $99 per year. Members can upgrade, modify or cancel their membership at any time by visiting their Manage?Account Page.

We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves,?all at no risk to you.

Learn more about Edison Nation and sign up for free!