The Best of CES 2018 – SIX Inspiring Innovations

The Best of CES 2018 – SIX Inspiring Innovations

It?s January – the start of a new year, new beginnings and, of course, new innovation. And one of the best places to get your new product fix is CES – the Consumer Electronics Show.

From automotive innovation?

Ford?s partnerships for its self-driving cars

Toyota?s Global Mobility Services Platform and e-Palette concept vehicle

Volkswagen?s electric MicroBus

To the fast expansion of Qi charging products?

iOttie?s Wireless Fast Charging Pad

Belkin?s lineup

Here are six inspiring new products from life-changing to wacky that debuted at CES?



GLAS is the first smart thermostat of its kind to utilize a translucent OLED touchscreen display to control its functions.

Johnson Controls? GLAS is the first smart thermostat of its kind to use a translucent OLED touchscreen display to control functionality. GLAS ?adjusts to your life? by tracking and assessing multiple aspects of air quality. Users simply touch the screen to change the temperature, monitor indoor and outdoor air quality and track energy savings. In addition to temperature, GLAS tracks humidity, total volatile organic compounds (tVOC) and equivalent carbon dioxide (eCO2) inside a home or building, and when it is connected to the internet, it monitors tree, grass and ragweed pollen count; ultraviolet (UV) index and air quality index (AQI). If air quality falls below moderate levels, GLAS can activate a fan or ventilation equipment.

Price: $319 and available for pre-order in March

Peloton Tread

From the creators of the Peloton cycling bike, the Peloton Tread is ?the most technologically advanced, innovative and immersive? treadmill on the market. Similar to the bike, the Tread will stream live daily classes – up to 10 a day, with 7,000 available on demand – on a 32-inch HD touchscreen attached to the treadmill. The Tread will also offer cross training-style classes too, as well as guided hiking and walking workouts.

Price: $3,995 and will start shipping this fall


Ever wonder if something is not what it seems? Then LinkSquare is for you. LinkSquare is a magic marker-sized scanner that can tell if meat is rotten (detects salmonella, E. coli and norovirus), if alcohol is fake or if prescription pills are what they?re supposed to be. It can even detect counterfeit bills. The gadget pairs with a smartphone app and there are more features to come.

Price: $299

Comfort Ducks

It?s not just a duck.

Created by Sproutel, My Special Aflac Duck is a comfort companion for kids facing cancer. It helps them process their emotions, feel less anxious before chemotherapy and better understand their own medical situations through play. The duck?s skin is removable so it can be washed – a must for children with compromised immune systems.

The Aflac insurance company is paying to send the devices to an Atlanta hospital early this year and it will be available across the US at the end of the year.

Price: TBD

Merge 6DoF Blaster

The Merge 6DoF Blaster is a next generation Nerf-like toy. With the Blaster, users simply slide an iPhone into a holder, fire up the app and just like that, instantly battle blaster-yielding space aliens. It?s VR but with no glasses or goggles required. When the aliens are shooting at the player, they have to hide behind walls and duck under tables to dodge their laser beams. Players can be in the game but not at all out of touch with everything around them. 6DoF stands for ?six degrees of freedom? which is a term used frequently in virtual reality circles to describe being able to look and move all around, while still playing in a virtual world.

Price: The Merge 6DoF Blaster is going to be released this summer with an approximate price point of $50.

Harman?s Moodscape

Harman Kardon knows that driving can be a stressful experience. They want to ?take the edge off? with Configurable Entertainment?and Moodscape.?Developed on the company?s new HARMAN AudioworX platform, these new solutions deliver intelligently tailored in-vehicle experiences, ushering in a new era of personalization for shared mobility and autonomous vehicles.

Configurable Entertainment is a personalized experience for every passenger, every ride, every day. Targeted to shared fleet organizations like Uber and Lyft, Configurable Entertainment allows shared mobility providers to offer multiple in-car brand and entertainment experiences through a single set of in-vehicle hardware. This puts the power of personalization back into the hands of ride-share passengers, making every ride an extension of their lifestyle.

Moodscape uses mood-based features to redefine comfort and entertainment in the daily commute. Moodscape intuitively adjusts the in-cabin audio experience, delivering music with a mood-based EQ and sound levels to help passengers prepare for whatever is next in their day. Additionally, Moodscape features the “MoodRoof?, a QLED screen that replaces the traditional sunroof in cars and displays landscapes based on the driver?s mood and destination. Not slated to be released until 2021, these features will be utilized in unspecified cars that will be compatible.

Price: Unknown

These concepts are just a tiny sample of what was released at CES this year, but we hope they served to inspire you to ?think outside the box? and share your next idea!

Happy Inventing!

We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves,?all at no risk to you.

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  1. Robert Bear

    I like the Linksquare invention…solid.

    I’ve seen some video of the Aflac Comfort Duck and I’m glad if it helps great, but the rest of these inventions don’t excite me.

    We shared the Aris MD story on the Invention Stories Podcast and I believe their invention was the best from CES 2018. The Aris Immersive Reality System will help surgeons know where to cut and, more importantly, where not to. This will help avoid complications and save lives.

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