Inside Inventors Digest : True Bath Fizzers that are da Bomb

Inside Inventors Digest : True Bath Fizzers that are da Bomb

?With innovation there is never an age limit. These teens from Minnesota have proven that creativity comes at any age.?


Two teenage sisters become inventors when their innovation for bath bombs become a hit in the retail market. Caroline, 15, ?and Isabel, 16, began their bath bomb company, da Bomb Fizzers, when they were 10 and 11 years old. The teens showed major initiative early on when they started selling a few hundred bath bombs at the Minneapolis Uptown Art Fair. Business the first day was overwhelmingly positive, selling out of all the 150 bombs they made.

What makes them different?

The difference in their bombs is that da Bomb Bath Fizzers include a tiny toy or charm inside each bath bomb, making it great for all ages. These ?sisterpreneurs? have turned their idea into a multi-million-dollar business, that is projected to grow another 500 percent from last year before the new year. Their parents help has been instrumental in their success, with their mom, CEO, Kim Bercaw, and dad, CFO/COO, Ben Bercaw. ?They work hard together to play to each others strengths and make the company the best they can make it.

da Bomb Fizzers has been a ?completely unexpected and incredible journey for all of us? said Bercaw.

All bombs are handmade in Minneapolis with the help of over 150 employees that handle the making, shipping and packaging.??Their bombs are not patented because Isabel says ?anyone can make bath bombs.? What they do have pending is the design patent on the packaging. The girls designed their own packaging and then reached out to a designer who helped bring it to life.

The Future

The girls have been in business since 2012 and their sales are about 500,000 bath bombs a month and even more during the holidays. The girls are truly running a business, from manufacturing to marketing. Building the brand has become instrumental for the girls who say that their largest following is on Instagram.

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3 Comments Inside Inventors Digest : True Bath Fizzers that are da Bomb

  1. Robert Pontius

    My girls (ages 3 and 6) LOVE these bath bombs. They love the fizzy “bomb” part what really for them it’s really all about the toy inside.

  2. Barry Ellard

    A fun and useful idea, especially for children. Congratulations on your success with this!

  3. Katrina

    Kristina, intimidating thinking of going through patenting and licensing process,, nice to be reminded that one is not always needed to move forward with a creation,,, one tends to get caught up in the legal side of things – which at times can stall on?es creativity… good article. Thank you

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