Year in Review: A look back at 2017!

Year in Review: A look back at 2017!

It feels like just yesterday we were taking a look back at 2016 and in a little over one week, we’re going to be welcoming in 2018!

2017 brought licensing deals, site changes and new partnerships to Edison Nation. Before we count down the final moments of the year, let’s look back at what we’ve accomplished!

We announced FIVE Licensing Deals!

Sanjeev Singh with Worldwise, Inc.

Stacey Hutchison with Brand Castle

Vishaal Verma with Dulcop America

Mark Steiner with Apothecary Products

James Sweed with Dulcop America

…and shared product news!

PRODUCT NEWS! KenJoyner’s OxiClean Splot on the TODAY Show!

Licensing Success (and a product update) for Jamie Jordan’s Comfort Cane with Rite Aid!

We launched 22 innovation searches including some of these sponsored challenges:

We continued to improve!

We redesigned the Edison Nation Dashboard

…and we redesigned the Edison Nation Membership Portal to make upgrading and managing your account faster and easier!

We’ve learned more about each other…

Laura Anderson

Paul Ortega

Pamela Valentine

Daniel Moskal

Kristen Ami

James Sweed

Melissa Senatore

Duane Bartlett

Kathy Day

Jim Sage

William J

…and from each other!

How To:

Get started with 3D Modeling with John Vilardi

Get started with Industrial Design with Tim Hayes

Get started with Prototyping with Ralph Machesky

Get started with Electrical Engineering with Brian McLoughlin

Get started with Product Development with Ryan Bricker

Bring your idea to life with Elizabeth Crouch

We shared some great history lessons…

Imagine Life Without…

The Phonograph

The Cinema

The Photograph

The Printing Press

The Ship

The Telegraph

Learning from InvENtors:

Laura van ‘t Veer

The Wright Brothers

Ruth Handler

Lisa Crites

John T. Riddell

Wim Ouboter

Willis Haviland Carrier

Charles Goodyear

Garrett Morgan

…and new resources.

InvENting 101:

Patience and Inventing

Fear and Inventing

Realistic Expectations and Inventing

Time to Declutter – Thoughts to leave behind to be a better inventor

The Importance of Reading

Working through Rejection

What is a Trademark?

How to Brainstorm

What is an Angel Investor?

Creating the Perfect Sell Sheet

Submitting your idea – Tips and Tricks to submit to the best search

InvENtor Resources:

15 Online Resources to Help YOU Become a Better Inventor

Inventing Ruts: How to identify and overcome them

5 Tips to Help Promote Your Invention Idea

The scoop on Edison Nation Insider Membership

A sample of an ideal Edison Nation submission

Staying Motivated: Four Ways to Keep Your Creativity Thriving


The Amazing Race to CES

CES, the biggest tech show on Earth

Time to Demystify Gears

Let’s Talk about Gears

How to use a smartphone when prototyping

Exploring the bustling IoT scene

History Lessons for a Young Girl – and Her Dad

Heated Lacrosse Stick Scores Big

YouTube for Inventors? Just Watch

Holiday Gift Guide – 5 of the most important new tools and gadgets

Soft Goods – Part I

Soft Goods – Part II

We’ve certainly done a lot this year and are already planning for some big announcements in 2018!

We thank you all for being a part of the Edison Nation community and wish you all a very Happy New Year!

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  1. James R. Sweed

    Many thanks go out to Michelle and everyone there at Edison Nation for the work you do for the independent, ‘home base’, inventor with limited resources and time. Congrats to all those that got deals in 2017 and look forward for that list to continue to grow in 2018. Thanks to the inventors that are willing to share a word or two in support of other inventors to hang in there and keep doing what needs to be done to land a licensing deal. Happy Holidays and hope to see you all on the other side of 2018. What makes America great is great people doing
    great things!

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