Licensing Success for Jamie Jordan’s Comfort Cane with Rite Aid!

Licensing Success for Jamie Jordan’s Comfort Cane with Rite Aid!

Jamie Jordan?holds an engineering degree from Texas A&M University and has?extensive experience in the fields of design, manufacturing and process engineering, quality control, custom precision sales solutions of close tolerance manufactured components, and new product design and development.

Jamie joined Edison Nation right around the time Rite Aid launched their consumer product innovation search – it was perfect timing since he had a fantastic concept to share.


Jamie observed that when people ?graduated? from a single point cane to a 4-leg ?quad-cane,? their associated stability would decrease instead of increase. In short, their fall rate skyrocketed upon beginning to use the quad. Upon further evaluation of the problem, he determined that the increased fall rate was due to the design of the quad cane, not the decreased balance of the users.

He found that the quad cane was a very stable device when a user was immobile and on flat, even surfaces. However, once they began to move, any extra stability provided by the quad design became an enormous liability and contributed to increased instability.

To solve this problem, he created the Comfort Cane.

The Comfort Cane?solves the problem by allowing the legs to remain in contact with the walking surface as the user walks. The additional benefit provided by the Comfort Cane design is that the legs absorb the impact of the cane striking the ground, preventing repetitive shock from being transmitted to the user?s hand, wrist, elbow, shoulder and back. This design is more stable and reduces pain, hence the name ?Comfort Cane?!

Rite Aid thought so too…

The?Comfort Cane?was?selected by?Rite Aid?for their consumer products search and has officially hit store shelves!

The cane is available for purchase in Rite Aid stores nationwide!

“Since on-boarding?with EN, we have been involved with patent lawyers, product designers, sales & marketing professionals to the CEO.? Everyone we have worked with has been professional, helpful, courteous and concerned about our success and it has been a ?win/win? relationship.”

We are so excited to share not only the deal, but the product in this announcement!

Congratulations Jamie!

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  1. Kimberly Dougherty

    Hello Jamie & EN community,

    I am a healthcare worker and I am very pleased to see this product on the shelves. There are many adjustments we go through as we age. Especially, with how we remain independently mobile. Adding comfort to mobility aids add better odds for longer independence. Nice!

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