Innovative Cooking Technology

Innovative Cooking Technology

Thanksgiving is just around the corner and we have been inspired to share some crazy, cool and innovative ways to cook for the holiday season!


The first three innovations are inspired by Simon Davies, Chef de Cuisine at?Alinea in Chicago. Davies is a chef who is always inspired to find innovations in cooking. He captured the attention of many after a picture of his transparent pumpkin pie was shared by Alinea?s founder, Chef Grant Achatz, on his Instagram, reaching over 29,000 people. Davies had earlier posts that show his innovation for cooking and how he constantly looks for ways to evolve in his cooking techniques.

Clear Pumpkin Pie?

Now we don?t know about you, but we here at Edison Nation like to keep up with pop culture news. A few weeks ago the internet exploded in conversation and debate about a new innovation to Pumpkin Pie. This innovation resulted in a clear pumpkin pie, yes, clear pumpkin pie. We know what you?re thinking how and what does it look like?!

Photo by: Grant Achatz

This is something I never thought I?d see either. This pumpkin pie was created by Chef Simon Davies from a machine called the Rotary Evaporator. The rotary evaporator was patented in 1962 by Helmut Ueberwasser. This machine created a pumpkin distillate that looks more like Jell-o but it tastes like pumpkin. Would you be bold enough to try a taste?

Something Sweet

If you?re like us then you probably haven?t attempted to create a sugar masterpiece dessert. This is a creative way to decorate desserts further and it is sure to impress those young and old. Davies, has found an innovative way to cut the sugar he uses for his desserts. His innovation allows you to cut sugar more efficiently by using a foam cutter. Yes, a foam cutter, who would have thought to use this tool in the kitchen? If you happen to have a Styrofoam cutter laying around, you too can try cutting sugar like a pro!

Photo by: Simon Davies


Most holiday gatherings become a little more festive and relaxed when cocktails are added to the drink list. One thing about making cocktails is that they need to be shaken one by one resulting in very cold hands for the bartender. Chef Davies invested in something to make making cocktails more efficient, an Imperial Shaker. This cocktail maker was re-created by Jason Crawley after finding a nineteenth century drawing of a Victorian styled hand cranked shaker machine. Crawley stayed true to the antique design and craftsmanship but also innovated the design with 21st Century manufacturing. Australian-based English entrepreneur, Jason Crawley is best known for founding his companies The Simple Syrup Co and The Drink Cabinet. You probably won?t see Crawley?s cocktail shaker in your local bar anytime soon, it is pretty expensive, coming in at $35,000.


The turkey is often the best part of the Thanksgiving day meal, but it can also be the most stressful part when moving the bird from the pan to a platter. We found a tool to be most helpful for this task, the All-Clad Turkey Forks. This invention was patented in 1999 as a Roast Lifting Tool by Mark J. Young. The invention was made with the claim as ?a lifting tool for lifting and supporting roasted meat,? and that claim is still true today. With the use of this invention you?ll be on top of your Thanksgiving feast preparation and we hope you?ll be a little less stressed.

Corn Made Easy

When planning ?side dishes for a Thanksgiving meal, the goal is to cook foods everyone will like. Trying to make sure everyone is happy can be a daunting task but with this invention you can be sure that all will be happy.

If you?re having corn as a side, you can make fresh corn on the cob and then use this EZ Creamer for those who like their corn off the cob. The invention began with an apparatus that holds corn while the chef uses a drill to rotate the corn while the sides simultaneously take off the kernels and drop them into a bowl below.

This apparatus for extracting creamed corn has come along way since being patented in 2001. Now, you certainly can get crafty and bring out the drill if you?d like, but we think this updated device is a lot easier and less of ?a mess. Check out the Corn Removal device that was patented in 2008 by inventor Mark C. Naden. With this handheld device you just move it along the corns surface and the blade removes the kernels, containing them in the top cavity. Who would have known taking corn off the cob could be so easy!

While many of these inventions are different, they all have one thing in common, innovation. These innovations were created by people with a passion to evolve technology as we know it. We hope that you found these inventions creative, intriguing and inspiring! Keep innovating and enjoy this holiday season!




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  1. Andy Scherer

    With Thanksgiving coming up, another interesting story comes from the life of Benjamin Franklin, another one of the world’s most prolific and famous inventors. He attempted to cook a turkey using electricity, applying a current through the turkey. According to sources, it was such a disaster he was lucky to survive. And yet, he was a world-renowned pioneer in the then-new field of electricity. Like many inventors, his failures were a key part of his success.

  2. Simon Andrew Davies

    Alinea is not my restaurant. Chef Grant Achatz is the Chef/Owner. I am the chef de cuisine there. Mike Bagale is the executive chef. Please edit and email me with further questions.

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