Cyber Monday Gift Guide

The holidays can be a busy and stressful time so we thought we?d share with you, Edison Nation’s top pick gifts for each person on your list!?These gifts are sure to please AND you can get them on Cyber Monday from the comfort of your own home. Shop in your PJs!

The Techie

If you’re like most of us, waking up is a hard task, especially during the fall and winter months. This is one tech gift that may make you dread getting up and out of bed a little less. The?Philips Wake-up Light has sunrise stimulation which is proven to improve your sleep, energy and well being. This product is one tech gift that will have you feeling more refreshed for months to come and could tie into your New Year’s resolution!

The Cook

How many times do you get ready to cook and you have to pull out different pots and pans that then pile up in the sink once you?re done??We found a multi-use pot that replaces NINE appliances in your kitchen! Meet the Instant Pot!?This programmable pot works hard so you can stress less in the kitchen! It is full of versatility as it pressure cooks, slow cooks, saut?s and more!

The DIYer

Looking for the right tool to help speed up home improvement projects? We found the Black & Decker Gyro Screwdriver to be one great innovation. With gyroscopic technology, it detects the speed and direction you want by the motion of your wrist! This tool is also cordless and holds a charge for up to 18 months!

The Traveler

Do you know someone who loves to travel, or maybe travels for work? If so then this travel backpack may be the perfect gift for them. The Hynes Eagle Travel Backpack Travel Backpack is one of the top backpacks used as a carry-on because of its light-weight, great design and ability to hold up to 40 liters. The Hynes Eagle bag is flight approved and opens like a suitcase, making it easy to find those items like your phone charger easier.

The Kids

Every year there is that one toy released that kids go wild for. Last year it was Hatchimals, this year its Fingerlings! Yep, we were confused too the first time we heard it too (it is not a potato), but these little things are the hottest toy on the market right now. The Fingerlings are mini robotic monkeys that cling to your fingers, making cute sounds and reacting to sound, motion and touch. These little guys have been selling out fast so be sure to get yours soon!

The Crafter

If you know someone who loves crafts and crafting, finding a gift for them can be challenging because they’re so crafty themselves. One thing that is sure to excite any crafty person is a sticker machine. The Xyron Create-a-Sticker machine is perfect for creating custom and specialized stickers for invitations, scrapbooks, photo albums, gifts, home DIY and more. This machine makes creating stickers easy and requires no batteries or electricity.


The Outdoor Lover

For all the outdoor lovers out there this is sure to be a great gift. Perfect for nights camping or backpacking, the LuminAid Inflatable Light is light-weight, packable and charges from sunlight. The light provides up to eight hours of LED light and can be hung up in any space for added light. The LuminAid was invented by two college graduates in 2010 after an idea came to them for an inflatable solar light.

The Self Care Fan

This gift was chosen for the person who needs a little stress relief in their life (don?t we all?). We like this gift because of it?s uniqueness and simplicity. The Nayoya Acupressure Mat is a great gift for the person who suffers from back pain. It has over 6,000 acupressure points and helps to improve blood circulation and reduce pain in the neck, shoulders, back, hips and joints.

The Hard to Please

There?s usually that one person that you never know what to get – they may even be a little hard to please. This always makes shopping for this person hard, so we?ve done the heavy lifting for you. We found a gift that is sure to please, the Himalayan Salt Lamp.. The benefits from these lights are great and there?s no effort required by the user. Simply plug it in and let it do it?s job. The history of Himalayan salt proves that the Salt Lamp can benefit those by air purification, balance negative and positive ions in the air, ease asthma and allergy symptoms, and boost your mood and promote sleep.

Stocking Stuffers

Everyone loves a massage and the health benefits that come with it. With VitaGoods Massaging Shampoo Brush this gift is sure to be appreciated! The brush was developed to massage the scalp which helps relieve itch, stimulates blood flow and helps with hair growth. This invention is sure to relax you and give you the same massage that you enjoy at the salon.


We hope that you enjoy these gift ideas and even more so, have a successful Cyber Monday! We?ve ?chosen innovative gifts that will please ?anyone on your list. We hope these ideas provide some ?inspiration as well, so keep inventing! Do you have a great Cyber Monday or gift find you?d like to share? Tell ?us in the comments below!

Happy Inventing (and Shopping!)


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  1. Rafael Avila

    Great ideas!!! Last year I gave my staff Himalayan salt lamps as holiday gifts. Everyone loved them! At least that’s what they told me. I also like the Instant Pot. Now if it came with a Sous Vide function, I’d be all-in!

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