Licensing Deal for Mark Steiner with Apothecary Products!

Licensing Deal for Mark Steiner with Apothecary Products!

“From the time I was a child, I enjoyed the challenge of solving problems and creating new product ideas. It is something that has always been part of my being. There are times when ideas come easily and other times when it?s a struggle. It?s all part of the challenge?and the fun.”

Mark Steiner studied industrial design at Syracuse University and has owned his own design and engineering firm, SteinerDESIGN, for more than 20 years. Throughout his career, he has designed products for Fortune 500 companies like KODAK, Cuisinart and Motorola as well as many midsize?and start-up companies.

In addition to the work he does at his firm, Mark also has his own portfolio of products and found Edison Nation in a search for licensing partners.

“I recognized the professionalism and commitment to licensing by Edison Nation.”

Mark was drawn to an Edison Nation innovation search sponsored?Apothecary Products search for Simple Self-Care Ideas for their Ezy Dose brand.?After reviewing the search criteria, he studied their product line, reviewed competitive products and searched for holes in the current market. When he was finished with his research, he shared an idea and, as it turns out, his work paid off.

We’re proud to announce that Apothecary Products has selected Mark’s idea for a licensing deal!

“Have persistence and believe it will happen.”

“Over the years, I have worked with multiple independent licensing partners, creating new ideas to pitch to interested companies. It is a painstaking, arduous process that has many more failures than successes. I have learned in order to succeed, you need a professional team and I have found that with Edison Nation. Their knowledge of the licensing process, their established relationships and ongoing searches?make it easy for me to focus on what I enjoy?creating new ideas. I am thrilled to be included as one of their successful licensing partners.”

This deal announcement is just the first step in the longer process of getting the product to market. The Apothecary team is finalizing the Mark’s concept to perfect the design. Once the design is perfected, Edison Nation will work with them to file the appropriate patent paperwork. As we always have said, inventing is a marathon, not a sprint, but this is a fantastic first step and we look forward to sharing more details about Mark’s product when it hits store shelves!

Congratulations Mark!

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7 Comments Licensing Deal for Mark Steiner with Apothecary Products!

  1. Jose Cotilla

    Hello Dear.
    Yo ya tengo un producto nuevo con provisional patent. Y necesito encontrar una company que este interesada en la produccion y marketing.
    Tengo un agreement de licensing representation with enhance development products inc.
    Para que ellos pitch mi nuevo products a Las companias.
    Pero yo tambien quiero ser parte de estas busqueda.
    Como puedo hace para ver mi producto en el mercado.
    Gracias Jose

  2. Michelle

    Hola Jose,
    ?Gracias por su inter?s en Edison Nation! Si est? interesado en enviarnos su idea para que la evaluemos para posibles oportunidades de licencia, cree una cuenta gratuita en ?La mejor de las suertes y esperamos revisar tu idea pronto!

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