Five Ghoulish Halloween Inventions

Five Ghoulish Halloween Inventions

Happy Halloween! Let?s take a look at some ghoulish Halloween Inventions!

Halloween’s finally here! We think it?s only appropriate to highlight our top 5 favorite Halloween inventions. These inventions range from scary accessories to treats that will make your Halloween sweet.

Animatronic Heads

Talk about using your head! Animatronic heads have become popular Halloween essentials for those planning Halloween parties. Most of these talking skulls come with remotes to control their facial movements and double the fright. If you are out trick-or-treating tonight or going to a haunted house, you’re guaranteed to spot this innovation! You can get these spooky heads from major retailers.

Pumpkin Carving (Classic)

A classic patent that began in 1989 and has since been a creative family-friendly activity! Many pumpkin carving kits include all the necessities that one would need to get as creative as they want! The process is simple thanks to the Bardeen family who formed Pumpkin Masters where the first carving set and creative patterns began. We at Edison Nation want to see your pumpkin carvings by using the hashtag #edisoncarvings on Instagram!


Bug Tape

Bug tape? Sounds like something that you would catch bugs with right? If you?ve been a follower of Edison Nation for the past 10 years then you may know it is actually a candy! This candy began as an idea submitted to Edison Nation’s sponsored innovation search with Boston America and is quickly becoming a Halloween favorite. When you go shopping for Halloween candy in the next few days, buy a few, you may be the new favorite house on the block! They?re not limited to kids either! If your company is having a Halloween party this makes the perfect non-traditional treat that will have everyone talking. You can purchase them on Bug Tape or Party City.

Decoratively Illuminated Carrying Device (a/k/a Light up treat bag)

This idea became patented in 2000, after the inventor decided there was a need to make trick-or-treating easier and safer. The illuminated carrying device eliminates the need to carry around a flashlight while making those door-to-door candy stops. The lights are positioned around the bag in a decorative pattern and produce enough light to illuminate the way. It is a great invention that adds to a child’s safety by improving their visibility as well as the ability for them to be seen.
illuminated bag

Pumpkin Pie KitKat

At this point we?re just surprised it took this long for Hershey to create this favorite fall flavored treat! If you?re like me, you have fallen for pumpkin spice flavored treats. A version of the present-day pumpkin pie was first introduced by Amelia Simmons in 1796, when her recipe was published in the?The First American Cookbook: A Facsimile of “American Cookery,” 1796.?This Pumpkin Pie KitKat will make you think of grandmas pumpkin pie and will have you breaking off a piece for yourself and maybe share. Be on the lookout for these in stores soon and don?t be afraid to indulge in this sweet treat!


We hope that by sharing some of these?spooktakular innovations with you we have inspired you to get creative and?submit your next idea!?Maybe in Halloweens to come we?ll be thanking YOU for your scary or tasty idea!

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