Licensing Deal for Vishaal Verma with Dulcop America!

Licensing Deal for Vishaal Verma with Dulcop America!

“Be persistent but know when to put your idea on a shelf and move on to the next one. Some ideas require time to mature, or maybe the product market fit isn?t quite right. Sometimes taking time can help you develop the idea in your mind further. Being creative on demand usually never works. Be patient and diversify your idea portfolio. You never know when the right opportunity might present itself.”

In 2014, long before joining Edison Nation, Vishaal Verma?came up with an idea for a bubble product.

Vishaal responded to an open innovation call for a low cost alternative to all of the relatively expensive automatic bubble makers on the market. He immediately started researching existing designs and experimenting with various methods of producing continuous streams of bubbles without pumps, batteries, or complex parts and assemblies.

Now let’s fast forward to January of 2017…

Edison Nation launched a search in partnership with Dulcop America for innovative toys and bubble accessories for their Bubble World brand. Learning about Edison Nation through “Everyday Edisons,” Vishaal decided to join and share his bubble product.

Almost immediately after their review, the Edison Nation team made Vishaal’s idea a finalist in the search, and when it was presented to Dulcop America, the decision was almost instantaneous.

We are pleased to announce that the Dulcop America team has selected Vishaal?s idea for a licensing deal!

A little background on Vishaal…

Vishaal lives in Evanston, Ill., and has worked as a mechanical engineer and designer for seven years. For the past four years he has worked as a design and engineering consultant on various product development projects including a few licensing opportunities. He is now a full-time consultant, and he and his wife just completed renovating their home.

Even as a mechanical engineer and product designer, Vishaal faces the same challenges as many inventors within our community. He finds that while some ideas come easy, some are more difficult and require a lot of thought and research.

“Execution and proof of concept is the hard part. Bringing an idea to life is an incredibly challenging process, but can be a game changer when presenting to potential buyers and licensees.”

When asked what he learned from his biggest failure, Vishaal shared…

“I?ve probably submitted over 30 products in the last four years. Most of them have been rejections. I learned very quickly that in order to succeed with licensing you have to get over failure quickly and move on. Dwelling on failure will make you stagnant and prevent you from coming up with the next potential success.

Congratulations Vishaal!

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  1. Derrick James

    Congrats Vishaal. Great advice on getting over failure quickly. If not, it will impede the path forward to success. Also, I agree 100% that proof of concept and execution is the hard part. Good graphics are important and certainly have their place, but without proof of concept and proper execution your product is not going anywhere. Hope your idea is successful in the marketplace.

  2. Shelley

    Congrats Vishaal! It’s nice to hear a success story. I’ll look forward to seeing your product in stores.

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