The Coolest Innovations for a Smokin’ Hot 4th of July Barbecue!

The Coolest Innovations for a Smokin’ Hot 4th of July Barbecue!

Summer is upon us and we?re highlighting some of the coolest innovations available to make your Fourth of July barbecue the envy of all your friends and neighbors!

Let?s get this ?cue “started”!

BBQ Dragon

The BBQ dragon is a simple, revolutionary fire-starting tool that reduces the start time of charcoal grills to less than 10 minutes and supercharges the starting of all kinds of other fires. It works by blowing large amounts of low-velocity, cool air at the fire. It’s battery-powered, hands-free, micro-sub rechargeable and looks fantastic. It works on anything charcoal grills, fire pits, fireplaces, wood stoves, smokers, even campfires. The variable speed motor allows users to infinitely control the amount of airflow this amazing control enables fast fire starting, as well as perfect temperature control for grilling. The sleek stainless steel body stays cool and stands up to tough use. The long, adjustable stainless steel neck allows the BBQ dragon to be positioned to provide air wherever it is needed.

Looftlighter Fire Starting Tool

The Looftlighter Electric Fire Lighter ignites your barbecue charcoals or fireplace logs in seconds without the use of lighter fluid or gas. Simply plug the Looftlighter into a wall socket and then touch the nose of the lighter to the coals or wood. The Looftlighter’s patented hot airstream process blows hot air at 1,256 degrees Fahrenheit, igniting fires and coals in just a few seconds. The Looftlighter is safe, equipped with a safety casing that cools to the touch within a few seconds and it switches off when the On button is released. The Looftlighter has a built-in stand, which doubles as a bottle opener.

Cold beverages?

Biersafe Beer Storage Refrigerator

The Biersafe Beer Storage Refrigerator uses the power of the earth to always have a cold one ready. Holding up to 16 beers at once, this storage system remains below ground. Compatible with a variety of surface types, users simply dig a hole in the ground to get started. Next, the cylindrical refrigerator is inserted. Then, add beer and let them chill. The low temperature of below ground brings the beer to the ideal temperature. This eco-friendly refrigerator comes in a standard size to hold 16 bottles as well as a Little Brother version to hold 8. You?ll work up a sweat to get this in the ground, but in the long run, think of the reward…

Corksicle Artican Koozie

The Corkcicle Arctican is made from double-walled stainless steel, ensuring it keeps the cold in and the heat out, even while keeping a beer in-hand the entire time. More than keeping drinks cold, though, it can also make them even colder. That?s because it comes with a twist-on bottom that you keep in the freezer when not in use, which users then add to the koozie as soon as you realize your drink needs a little help in the cooling department.

Beyond burgers…

Flexible Skewers

Smith?s Consumer Products Fire Wire flexible cable style skewer allows users to effectively use the space on the grill. These skewers secure more than twice as much food per kabob than a straight skewer. Easily marinate food while on the skewers – simply marinate in the bag while skewered on the Fire Wire and bend to the desired shape for the grill. The innovative stainless steel design stays cool, allowing users to turn or remove food from the grill without using tools.

Grill Clips

Grilling vegetables? Who needs a pan when you can clip them together! Charcoal Companion’s Stainless Grill Clips make it easy to grill individual portions of vegetables. The durable clips are ideal for grilling bunches of asparagus, zucchini sticks, green onions, or any other long vegetables. Just line up “vegetable rafts”, clip them and grill them.

S?more to Love S?more Maker

Grills are not just for burgers…The S’More To Love S’More Maker provides a fast, easy way to make that delicious marshmallow, chocolate and graham cracker treat right in your oven, toaster oven or on your grill. Simply stack, lock and place on your grill or in the oven.

Make clean up a breeze…

The Great Scrape

Not all innovations are technical. The Great Scrape is an all-natural alternative to stainless steel wire brushes. In a few easy steps, this product is customized to each individual grill:

  • Get The Grill Hot – to start the grooving process, ensure the grill is hot (high heat allows the grooves to form quickly).
  • Work Back and Forth – Using slow firm pressure, pass the Great Scrape front to back on the hot grates.
  • Repeat – align the previously formed grooves to the grates ensuring that only ONE good set of grooves are formed. Once grooves have formed high heat is no longer necessary.

I speak from personal experience, my husband LOVES this product (and I love it because it cleans up so much more easily than stainless brushes).


We?ve got them in our homes vacuuming our floors, it was only a matter of time until someone inventing a robot to clean the grill. The Automatic BBQ Grill Cleaning Robot tackles any charred, dirty grill, whether it’s hot or cool. The Grillbot features a sophisticated computer that directs the robot back and forth over the grill with three powerful motors. Three spinning brass wire brushes safely clean grill grates without compromising the flavor of future meals. Cleaning typically takes 10-20 minutes and an auto timer shuts off the robot when the job is done.


The GrillFloss BBQ Grill Cleaning Tool tool helps to clean every nook and cranny. Made entirely of stainless steel, at the tip of this tool is a small groove. This piece slides around each piece of the grill grate. With a simple hand motion, the GrillFloss Tool scrubs away leftover grime, food, and char. In addition, the GrillFloss Tool can reach every angle of the grill grates so they do not need to be removed for cleaning.

Well, I don?t know about you, but I’ve got a hankering for a barbecue right about now!

All of these products are currently available. So whether you?re looking for inspiration or looking to rock your?next cookout, we hope you enjoyed our little celebration for summer.

And, if we sparked an idea or two, please feel free to submit your idea to our All Category Search!

Stay cool and Happy Inventing!


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