FROM SCREEN TO SHELF: An ASOTV Store Tour with Laura Lynch

FROM SCREEN TO SHELF: An ASOTV Store Tour with Laura Lynch

Though the term ?As Seen on TV? is pretty self explanatory, something many people don?t realize is that the ultimate end-goal for any of our TV products is actually on the store shelf at retail locations. Still, the TV commercial for any of our ASOTV products serves two important purposes: it generates initial awareness surrounding the product and, most importantly, it serves as a final test for us to gather data and ensure that market interest is high enough to proceed with full-scale mass production.

At the end of the day, it?s actually the retail sales, not the TV sales, which pull in the majority of revenue for these items largely due to the high cost of TV media spots.

With that in mind, let?s take a closer look at that renowned ?final destination? for our babies: off the TV screen, sitting pretty, on real, live store shelves. I perform store-checks quite regularly to stay up-to-date on the latest products (translation: I go shopping a lot and tell my husband ?It?s for work!!?), but, this time I?m sharing my thoughts with you, too. Come along for the ride!

Target?s ASOTV section is quite large and grand. My son demanded to be included here, for scale purposes of course: showing the section is a generous 3 x 1 x 2 toddlers in size (Length x Depth x Height). The red backing really helps this section to stand out. It?s well stocked and nicely organized but it?s all the way towards the back of the store in between housewares and outdoor items.

Walmart?s ASOTV section is relatively small, but, the products change frequently and you absolutely have to pass this space at some point when entering or leaving the store. There?s no way to miss it! It?s about 1.5 x .5 x 1 toddlers in size, though, I?ve noticed it seems to expand and contract (sometimes wrapping around the sides, other times not) depending on inventory.

CVS?s ASOTV section is about halfway back through the store. The shelf faces outwards on the store?s central corridor, so it?s easily visible whether you?re buying toothpaste or going to the pharmacy. This one is roughly 2 x .5 x 1.5 toddlers in size. Since CVS is a drug store at heart, most of the ASOTV items are in the makeup or personal care category, though they do sell some housewares as well.

This round of store checks had me pondering a few other things:

1. Out of place? Or exactly right?

Seeing cooking pans, hoses, and pet brushes (ASOTV items) all grouped together in one area (rather than in their respective homes, i.e. cooking section, gardening section, pet section) seems odd at first. However, this type of organization reinforces the fact that ASOTV items must have their very own ?WOW! Gotta-have-it!? factor. You don?t necessarily go to a store LOOKING for an expandable hose, but, when you come across it in the ASOTV section – it?s able to generate an impulse to buy!

2. Centralized Intelligence

Likewise, by organizing all of the ASOTV items all into one central location rather than scattering them around the store, the retailer is able to switch-out items as fast and as furiously as the ASOTV industry can feed it. The section is designed in a flexible way that makes it easy to replace any item with a new (or old) unrelated product at any time. The alternative would be dedicating a big chunk of shelf space, for example, in the cooking section for Gotham SteelTM Pans – which runs the risk of leaving a big empty hole on the shelf if that item gets pulled or sells out.

3. Special cases

Snackeez? was one of the few examples of an item that I noticed appeared both in the ASOTV section AND in it?s more logical ?home? of the cups/containers section (at Target). This could be explained by a couple things: either the item had such successful sales that store-planners decided to place it in two sections, OR the item was being used to fill a gap in one section while waiting on more stock to arrive.

This is just a tiny snapshot of store checks, but quickly shows that there?s huge variation from store-to-store and even day-to-day. What does the ASOTV section look like at your local store? We want to know! Are they located in different areas? Are they bigger, smaller?

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