ANNOUNCING Edison Nation’s NEW Membership Portal!

ANNOUNCING Edison Nation’s NEW Membership Portal!

Edison Nation has changed the look of the Membership Portal to make upgrading and managing your account faster and easier!

Let?s start from the top?

Now, when you click your Manage Account Page, you?ll be taken to the screen above.

You?ll see three boxes, and your current level of membership will be highlighted.

Clicking into the box will open a screen that will allow you to Edit your billing information (update address, etc.).

For Insiders (or those considering upgrading):

If you?d like to switch how you pay for your Insider membership, all you need to do is click the box outlining your payment method of choice. For example, if you are currently being billed as a monthly member and want to switch to annual membership, click into the $99 box and complete your billing information to complete the request.

SIDENOTE: $99 memberships will now be recurring instead of requiring you to upgrade each year.

If you?d like to downgrade your Insider account (and let?s hope this is never the case!), click on the ?Basic? box, and then the Downgrade button. You?ll be asked to confirm your request. Your Insider benefits will continue until the end of your paid billing period.

You can change your level of membership at any time.

The next box you?ll see will highlight your Lifetime Insider Points and the total number of free submissions you have available.

We now allow ALL USERS to bank free submissions. The ?Number of Free Submissions Available? will include how many free submissions you can redeem for points, as well as well as any free submissions you?ve earned from Referrals or from the EN team via a promotion we?ve done.

The last box you?ll see is your Points Status box.

Here Insiders?can see progress bars of how far you are from earning a free submission, a call with Louis Foreman and lifetime Insider membership.

Your Payment History has not changed. Clicking here will take you to all your receipts as you see them now.

We are very excited to bring these changes to you and hope that they?make managing your account faster and easier.

These features are now live!

Happy Inventing!

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