The Best of the Best from the 2017 International Home + Housewares Show

The Best of the Best from the 2017 International Home + Housewares Show

One of the most popular trade shows for innovators is the International Home +?Housewares Show, held every March in Chicago.

The goal of the International Housewares Association (IHA) is to maximize the success of the home products industry. The International Home + Housewares Show is…

“Where art intersects with engineering. Where technology informs style. Where exhibitors display innovation, buyers discover trends & the industry connects to do its business. It’s just plain smart.”

The 2017 show did not disappoint. From innovative knives to $1,000 mixers, from smart devices to redesigned spatulas, the featured products ran the gamut of the innovation spectrum. We’ve highlighted some of what we believe to be the best of the best at the show to inform and inspire you…

Product:?Melior Pour Over Coffee Makers



Description:?The Melior coffee dripper is essentially a pour over coffee maker. It is made of borosilicate glass and is dishwasher safe. It comes with a stainless steel mesh filter and a filter holder. The European design features a curved body which brings interest to the coffee maker.




Description:?The GeniCan scans?items as they are thrown away and it adds them?to the shopping list on your smartphone.

  • Save Time: GeniCan adds barcode scanning and voice recognition directly to your garbage or recycle bin. Grocery lists made easy!
  • Save Money: Shopping with a list is proven to save you money while reducing the number of trips to the store. Always know what you need.
  • Skip the Store All Together: GeniCan partners with Amazon to easily deliver your supplies directly to your home or office. Easy home or work delivery.

Product:?Fryhigh Auto Rotisserie Multi-Fryer with Cook Cam technology



Description:?Whether it’s an elegant presentation at a gourmet restaurant or waffles in the shape of a cartoon character, people today are fascinated with taking ? and sharing ? photos of their meals. Now, the Gourmia Cook Cam lets them take pictures and videos of their meal as it cooks. Then, through the Gourmia mobile app, they can be transferred on-line.

With a powerful halogen surround heating system, this unbelievably convenient and innovative nine-function multi fryer does the job of both a multi cooker and an air fryer. It’s multi-functional properties allow for preparation of all sorts of foods with a vertical rotisserie grill, stir fryer and the ability to bake. It prepares amazingly flavor-packed foods without the heavy fat of typical deep-fried foods. It cooks with a minimal amount of oil, cutting out extra calories. It fries, stir fries, bakes, saut?s, grills, and roasts. Adding to its uniqueness is the Gourmia Cook Cam, that lets you capture every second of the cooking process while the Gourmia mobile app allows remote operation for total control over how quickly and efficiently food cooks.

Product:?Smart Chop Food Chopper

Company:?Hamilton Beach

Description: The?Smart Chop? attachment prevents over-processing food. It provides consistent results every time ? great for nuts, carrots, onions, celery & more. Use without the Smart Chop? attachment for softer foods, fine chopping or pureeing.

Product:?Cue Smart Cooking System

hetan cue smart cooking system


Description:?This cooking system looks like simply an induction burner and saute pan, but it’s a whole lot more. It’s linked to your tablet through Bluetooth; just pick a recipe on the app, and follow the detailed steps on how to cook your ingredients and how to plate them. As you move through each step ? say, toss in a handful of asparagus ? the system automatically adjusts the temperature of the burner.

Product:?Black Tie Stand Mixer

kitchenaid black tie


Description:?The limited-edition Black Tie color launched last month, online-only for a ?small? price tag of $1,000. It is black in every detail, with a matte cast-iron body and stainless steel bowl. There are only 500 in the world, each one numbered.

Product:?SoftEdge Tools


Company:?Kuhn Rikon

Description:?The SoftEdge Tools include three kitchen tool essentials, with silicone edges in red, green or graphite. They are heat-resistant up to 425 degrees and the hands have a hanging loop for easy storage. The collection includes a slotted spatula, Flexi turner and solid Flexi turner.

Product:?West Blade Graters and Zesters


Company:?Lifetime Brands

Description:?Lifetime Brands? West Blade technology features layers of recessed blades that allow consumers to grate in both directions. They are designed to glide through soft and hard foods and will help to reduce time spent on food preparation. The new collection include small flake and large flake hand graters, a rotary grater, box grater and zester.

Product: Thermocouple Thermometer

oxo thermocoupler


Description:?The digital display on the thermometer rotates so it can be seen in any direction. Flip out the probe to turn the device on. There is an auto shut-off to save the battery life.

Product: Chicago Cutlery Series Sandwich Hero Knife

chicago cutlery sandwich hero knife

Company:?World Kitchen

Description:?World Kitchen recently launched the Chicago Cutlery Series Line collection. This collection is equipped with both classic and artisan blade knives along with different handle material options such as soft grip, dual material and beechwood. The Series Line collection includes a multi-purpose Sandwich Hero knife. The jar-friendly knife is designed to spread condiments, cut cheese and slice bread and tomatoes. The knife also has visually-distinctive patented pinch grips that guide users for a more controlled cutting experience.

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But wait! These products weren’t the only things to note from the show -?we also spotted some familiar faces!


EN Community Members Elizabeth Crouch & Eric Huber

Stay tuned to the blog for personal accounts from Elizabeth Crouch and Eric Huber on their experiences at the show!

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