ANNOUNCING the NEW and IMPROVED Edison Nation Dashboard!

ANNOUNCING the NEW and IMPROVED Edison Nation Dashboard!

Edison Nation has redesigned the Dashboard to make it more user-friendly!



The sleek new look is a widget-based design providing easy access to current?Innovation Searches, access ALL of your?Ideas and review the status of ALL of your active Submissions simply by scrolling left and right.


Easily view and convert Sparks, manage your?Membership and read the latest content on the Edison Nation Blog!


Stay connected to fellow members by chatting in the Edison Nation Forums and add new friends with the Referral Program!

Many widgets feature notification bubbles to announce new features and updates!



Any widget that has an ?X? in the upper-right hand corner may be hidden from the Dashboard.


All users will get a quick tour at their first login, and if you have any questions during your test drive, please feel free to send an email to!

Have fun and Happy Inventing!

Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if???

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