The Best of the Best from CES 2017!

The Best of the Best from CES 2017!

For 50 years, CES (Consumer Electronics Show) has been the launch pad for new innovation and technology that has changed the world.

It’s one of the first trade shows of the year, and is one of the coolest (in our opinion).

Held in Las Vegas, this show is the world?s gathering place for all who thrive on the business of consumer technologies and where next-generation innovations are introduced to the marketplace.

CES is a monster show, and this year was no different.

Over 3,800 exhibiting companies – including manufacturers, developers and suppliers of consumer technology hardware, content, technology delivery systems and more – brought their best to the show floor.

While we can?t highlight all the fantastic new tech out there, we thought we?d provide some highlights broken down by category to give you a taste, and perhaps, provide a little inspiration for your next idea?



Product: Blue Link Google Integration

Company: Hyundai


Description: ?In tandem with its Google Home integration, Hyundai premiered a concept where car and home ?dock? with each other. This next generation of convergent technologies focuses on linking cars to customer?s lives, through intelligent autonomous driving, smart hyper-connectivity solutions and innovations to promote wellness in mobility.


Product: SAM ? Seamless Autonomous Mobility

Company: Nissan


Description: SAM will ensure a seamless mobility system in which millions of autonomous cars can operate safely and smoothly. SAM can help cars to navigate unforeseen situations that occur on city streets, such as accidents, road construction, or other obstacles.?With SAM, the autonomous vehicle becomes smart enough to know when it should not attempt to negotiate the obstacle by itself. Instead, it brings itself to a safe stop and requests help from the command center.? The request is routed to the first available mobility manager ? a person who uses vehicle images and sensor data (streamed over the wireless network) to assess the situation, decide on the correct action, and create a safe path around the obstruction.



Product: Voice-activated trash can

Company: Simplehuman

Description:?Simplehuman?s voice-activated trashcan replaces foot pedals and swinging lids with a build-in microphone and semi-consciousness. Simply say ?open can? or ?open sesame? to automatically lift the top and dump your trash. Say ?close? to shut it again.? Two versions are going to hit store shelves in March, the single bin which costs $180 and a two-in-one trash and recycling bin for $250. The second version, slated to hit stores in May, will have WiFi capabilities to track your stock of trash cans and, when your supply is low, automatically order more via Amazon Dash.


Product: Hair Coach

Company: Kerastase

Description:?Powered by smart tech company Withings, the hairbrush connects to an app and is designed?to ?improve hair health over time.? The means you can learn to ?understand and improve brushing patterns? via a microphone that listens to your hair as it?s brushed. It also features sensors and a corresponding app that tells you how damaged or dry your hair is.


Product: Levitating Portable Speaker

Company: LG Electronics

Description:?The model PJ9 speaker uses electromagnets housed in the device and at its center is a 360 degree omnidirectional speaker with a turbine blade-inspired design, while a deep bass comes from a sub-woofer embedded inside. The speaker ?mesmerizingly hovers over the accompanying levitation station whilst delivering high quality audio.? Using Bluetooth technology, it allows users to seamlessly play music, podcasts and more.



Product: Think & Learn Smart Cycle

Company: Fisher-Price

Description:?Aimed at 3 to 6 year-olds, the Think & Learn Smart Cycle lets kids interact with gaming apps while pedaling. The Smart Cycle ($150) comes with one free app and works with four others. The system is Bluetooth-enabled so the bike could work with the apps played on platforms such as Apple TV and Android TV. The app dashboard tells parents how much time their child has spent peddling and what he or she has learned during that time.


Product: Lego Boost Kit

Company: Lego

Description: This kit lets kids build five different smart toy models, including a cat, robot and guitar, with the help of sensors and motors. The Boost kit come with a Move Hub ? a Lego brick with a tilt sensor ? to power the Lego creations. Special bricks with a motor and sensors gauge surrounding colors and the distance from objects in its path. Users will need to download a corresponding app featuring 60 coding activities. Kids and can also add voice recording via the app to give toys the ability to speak.



Product: MoRo Robot

Company: Ewaybot Techonology


Description:?The MoRo Robot is a personal assistive robot with powerful capabilities for grasping and handling objects from a bottle of water to a tissue. The robot features voice control and facial recognition and can function both indoors and outdoors.


Product: Desktop Companion Robert

Company: Panasonic


Description:?A companion robot with human-like movements and communication skills. Equipped with a WiFi network function, the robot accesses artificial intelligence-based natural language processing technology to communicate in a clear, friendly way. It is able to access and use cloud data, and communicate with those in other locations. It features an embedded projector to show video content.



Product: Catspad

Company: Catspad


Description:?A ?smart pet assistant?, Catpsad is an automated bowl that distributes filtered water and food. Two bowls automatically fill with food and water when you tell them to, and you can monitor and schedule your cat?s meals on a smartphone app. Dogs can use it too!



Product: Ektra smartphone

Company: Kodak


Description: Kodak isn?t just cameras anymore. With the Ektra smartphone, Kodak brings powerful imaging wherever life takes you. Classic styling that?s iconic in design, with its 21-megapixel main camera, this smartphone brings the DSLR experience to smartphones for the first time.



Product: (UA) Athlete Recovery Sleepwear Powered by TB12

Company: Under Armour


Description: A fitted garment ? that comes in long or short sleeves and pants or shorts ? is equipped with a soft-bio-ceramic print, which can product something called far infrared energy when combined with the body?s natural heat. The company touts far infrared energy as a sleep aid and is promising its gear, inspired by New England Patriot Quarterback Tom Brady, will reduce inflammation, regulate cell metabolism and improve circulation, helping the body recover faster and foster better sleep.


Product: Ocean Medallion

Company: Carnival Corporation


Description: The Ocean Medallion is wearable technology that serves as a virtual concierge for every part of a cruise. The product is a small disk that stores information a passenger provides online and real time and can be worn on the wrist, in a pocket or around the neck as a pendant. Powered by Bluetooth and NFC technology to communicate and for payments. It never needs to be charged or turned off (or on), it can be customized for guests selecting athletic or luxury preferences.

One last honorable mention?


Amazon?s Alexa has surpassed 7,000 integrations, up from 1,009 in June, 2016, including products from Whirlpool, Dish, GE, WeMo and more.

Phew! Feel like we are living the Jetsons life yet?

We hope this recap of CES 2017 inspired you to submit your next great idea!

Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if????We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves,?all at no risk to you.

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