And that’s a wrap! A look back at 2016…

And that’s a wrap! A look back at 2016…

They say time flies when you’re having fun, and lo and behold, 2017 is?here and now!

We’ve had lots of fun and have definitely been busy this past year at Edison Nation.

Now that the holidays are behind?us, the new year is ahead of us, let’s take a look back at 2016…

We announced 12 Licensing Deals!

Bill Ward & Adam Adams AND Vedran Martinek with Boston America


Judy Knez, Ricardo Avil?s,?Mark Brown, Aaron Huppert, Robert Pontius, Aaron Travis and Jay P with Health Enterprises?(now Apothecary Products)?


Jamie Jordan with Rite Aid


Ken Joyner with Casabella


Rod Rice with URise Products


We introduced TWO?major site updates*, the new ASOTV Process and Dashboard AND the NEW and IMPROVED Edison Nation Submission Form!



*We’ve also “pimped” the Edison Nation Forums introducing new features like bookmarking and infinite scrolling!

Speaking of ASOTV, here are some stats since the launch of the new program!

72 ideas have gone to Vote

62 ideas have gone to Survey

5 ideas have gone to Web Testing

5 ideas have gone to TV Testing

We launched 24 new Innovation Searches including sponsored challenges from:



Then, of course, there’s the Edison Nation Blog – need some reading materials for those 2017?road trips? Now’s your chance to catch up!

Deconstructing the Submission Form:

The Perfect Idea Description

What’s Innovative?

Defining the Problem

Identifying Your Target Market

What’s Your Competition?

Intellectual Property and Beyond

InvENting 101:

Incubating an Invention Idea

The Creative Process

Idea Verification

Inventing by Accident

Reinventing the Wheel – Improving Existing Ideas

Inventor Resources:

Improve your ASOTV Idea with these Quick Tips

Cool Inventions that Should Exist

Innovation: From the Classroom to the Office

Simple Inventions: A Day in the Life

What makes a successful inventor?

Winter is coming…Cool inventions to keep you warm

Inventor Spotlights:


Adam Wild

Howard Liles

Fred Wherritt

Jacob Downey

Patricia Herzog-Mesrobian

Joseph Jackson

Kenneth Alexander

Michael Heagerty

Joseph Kurtenbach

Derrick James

Learning from InvENtors:

Walt Disney

Raymond Loewy

Licensed Product Updates:

The ‘Everyday Edisons’ story behind Casabella’s OxiClean Splot!


Danny Blacker’s Shower Lily now at Bed Bath & Beyond



Understanding Your Garbage Can – Prototyping Plastics

3D Printing at Home with the Printrbot Plus

LEGO Kids Fest Helps Foster an Innate Desire to Build

More than a Machine, an Ode to our SLA 3D Printer

Types of Prototypes

How do you get creative in the morning?

In Praise of the Intern

Intro to injection-molded parts

The many forms of rubber

The least innovative things may lead to the best ideas

The Internet of Things – Part I


We’ve certainly done a lot this past year, and there’s more to come in 2017, including a HUGE face-lift for your Edison Nation Dashboard!

We thank you all for being a part of the Edison Nation community and we’re excited for what 2017 brings!

Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if????We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves,?all at no risk to you.

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