Apothecary Products launches FOUR consumer healthcare searches with Edison Nation

Apothecary Products launches FOUR consumer healthcare searches with Edison Nation

Each year, there is one constant when thinking about New Year?s resolutions – fitness and living a healthier lifestyle.

To get a jump on 2017, Edison Nation is launching FOUR consumer healthcare searches with Apothecary Products!


As you may recall, Apothecary Products is the new parent company to Health Enterprises, who recently licensed six products following their recent sponsored search!

Before we dive into the searches themselves, we wanted to provide you with a little background on Apothecary Products, a company that is quite literally built around innovation.

In 1973, pharmacist and inventor, Terry Noble, developed an innovation called the Reconstitube as an efficient way to dilute antibiotics.


Once it was perfected, Noble went door to door to build sales for the product and his hard work and determination paid off – the Reconstitube is still being sold by Apothecary Products today and used in pharmacies worldwide!

But that was just the beginning…

In 1975, Noble founded Apothecary Products and began to sell a unique line of medication management products. Over the next 40 years, Apothecary Products continues to grow their product offering expanding internationally into multiple categories.

Apothecary Products is now a global leader in consumer wellness products.

Their retail brands, Ezy Dose?, Flents?, Protechs?, and Wipe ?N Clear?, are market leaders in medication management, pharmacy supply and eye, ear and injury care.


Since it all started with the invention of one product, innovation is the core of Apothecary Products? business. It is that strong belief that led them to partner with Edison Nation to launch the following four individual searches for new products:

Simple Self-care: ?


Sensory Wellness: ?


Injury Care: ?


Cosmetics & Travel Kits: ?



These searches are now LIVE on the site and will remain live until January 23.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with these brands and submit your innovation ideas now!

Best of luck and Happy Inventing!

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