November issue of Inventors Digest now online

November issue of Inventors Digest now online

The November issue of Inventors Digest is out, and as is the Thanksgiving tradition, the ID team is giving thanks to Joanne Hayes-Rines.

In 1987, Hayes joined the Affiliated Inventors Foundation (AIF), a company that published a fledging invention publication. For prospective inventors, AIF would send a packet of free information about the first steps to determine whether their invention idea was viable. Inventors’ Digest, a newsletter-style insert, was included in the mailings. Twenty years later, Hayes-Rines sold Inventors Digest (now without the apostrophe), but not before she left a lasting impact on the invention industry as a whole.

November cover of Inventors Digest

Joanne Hayes-Rines, the cover story for Inventors Digest.

What else can you expect from the November issue?

A trip down TV’s memory lane

Remember Inspector Gadget and his “go go gadget!” madness that almost always got him into over-complicated trouble? Or how about MacGyver and his uncanny ability to fashion a gadget from everyday household items? You’ll appreciate this walk down memory lane.

November's Inventors Digest is taking a trip down TV's memory lane

A Moms’ Mission

#protoTYPING’s very own Jeremy Losaw is talking with the two mom inventors and entrepreneurs behind Innobaby, a company dedicated to finding and launching innovative products that meet the demands of smart parenting.

November's Inventors Digest is talking to the founders of Innobaby.

5 Steps for Finding Licensing Contacts

Don Debelak is sharing his five key steps to finding the right licensing contacts for your invention idea in November’s Inventing 101 column.

How NOT to Respond to an Office Action

IPWatchdog‘s Gene Quinn is sharing how inventors should NOT respond to an office action. Quinn is also sharing the latest in the software patent turf war, and how design patents are often underutilized and overlooked.

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