Licensing deal for Rod Rice with URise Products!

Licensing deal for Rod Rice with URise Products!

?As a martial arts instructor, I?help people to be physically the best they can be and never give up.?

Licensing deal news! Learn more about Rod Rice and his invention idea.

Edison Nation member Rod Rice is a builder, carpenter, inventor and eighth degree black belt. Combining his love of martial arts, carpentry and inventing, Rod created the Scuttle Chair, a mobility device that has now been licensed to URise Products!

Rod Rice with his Scuttle Chair prototype

Rod Rice with his Scuttle Chair prototype

Born and raised in Shenandoah County, Virginia, Rod grew up on his family farm working alongside his six brothers and two sisters. In addition to life on the farm, he also worked for his father?s company pouring concrete and building structures. In his early twenties, he moved to Northern Virginia where he continued working in the concrete trade, building bridges and high rise buildings.

Starting at age 16 and continuing to present day, Rod studied martial arts. Now, at 61, he is an eighth degree black belt and a Grandmaster. He opened his own dojang in 1986, instructing students for almost 20 years.

Currently, Rod has his own company called ?Ships Carpenter,? a woodworking shop dedicated to making specialty items such as reclaimed wood furniture, boat interiors and copper top cupolas.

While dabbling with inventions in his wood shop, he had a ?BING? moment. Inspired by the motorized shopping carts in supermarkets, Rod had the idea to assist people who suffered with mobility issues.

His Scuttle Chair features four pivoting wheels on a chair with a cantilevered bicycle seat to allow people to sit while standing and walking. Over the next eight years, scores of prototypes (and frustrations), he finally came up with a design that works correctly, has a nice design and is user friendly.

The Scuttle Chair

The Scuttle Chair

Once he had a final working prototype of the Scuttle Chair, Rod started a business plan to bring his invention to market. However, the magnitude of producing, marketing, distributing and tracking the invention idea on a large scale seemed almost impossible for him. He decided to reach out to medical manufacturers which led him to Edison Nation.

?I found [Edison Nation]?on an internet search. I submitted my idea with pictures of the prototypes and heard back from them almost instantly. They have been great to work with and have so far handled everything with world class professionalism.?

When asked what advice he would share for those of you looking to explore the licensing path for their ideas, Rod replied,

?I would strongly advise anyone with a practical and sensible idea that solves a problem with a new invention or discovery to pursue it and get it out there. I’m definitely a visionary and dreamer as my mind sometimes races with lots of crazy ideas about solving problems. I don’t really consider that kind of mind unique as we are all creators, makers and innovators. That’s why the world around us is constantly being shaped and built by our minds and hands. I believe that if the human race survives long enough we will invent and discover our way completely out of the world?s problems and ultimately travel the universe.?


Rod?s invention has been licensed to URise products who is already actively pitching the product at trade shows.

?I’m very excited and motivated about the licensing deal of my invention and am looking forward to seeing the Scuttle Chair come to fruition and help people stand up, walk and run while their weight is fully supported!?

Congratulations Rod!

Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if???

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