A patent-by-patent journey to prepare your Thanksgiving Day feast!

A patent-by-patent journey to prepare your Thanksgiving Day feast!

Tie up that apron and grab your baster, we’re taking a closer look at patents that (may) help you prepare your Thanksgiving Day meal! Enjoy!

Let?s start with the turkey?

First, you have to catch it right? Well, you may find this helpful…

Mississippi Turkey Caller

A device for calling wild turkeys that is equally effective wet or dry, is durable, is easily carried, and is simple to use. The device comprises a plate, preferably plate glass, held cupped in one hand and a striker held in the other hand. When the end of the striker is moved across the surface of the plate a tone is produced. By adjusting the manner in which the plate is held, the tone may be changed and by moving the striker in various ways the tone takes on characteristics which replicate wild turkey calls.


Personally, we?prefer to visit our?local supermarket, but whatever works for you!

Then, we?ve got to find something to cook it in:

Disposable cooking pan

A disposable cooking pan formed from a single sheet of metal comprises a bottom panel, a continuous wall panel, and a continuous rim. The continuous wall panel encompasses the bottom panel and extends upwardly and outwardly from the bottom panel. The continuous wall panel forms a first pair of opposing side walls, a second pair of opposing side walls, and four corners bridging the first and second pairs of side walls. The continuous rim encompasses an upper edge of the continuous wall panel and projects laterally outwardly therefrom. The first pair of side walls define sections of curved surfaces of respective first imaginary cones having respective first imaginary points located below a level of the bottom panel. The second pair of side walls define sections of curved surfaces of respective second imaginary cones having respective second imaginary points located below the level of the bottom panel.


Don?t forget to season it!

Method and apparatus for internally seasoning meat prior to and during cooking

A method and apparatus for distributing the residual flavor from herbs and aromatics into the interior of meat for seasoning prior to and during cooking. The apparatus comprises a reservoir for holding the aromatics in the form of a tapered, split, meat-piercing rod inserted into the interior of meat containing a predetermined amount of aromatics and or herbs. After reaching the desired depth, the device remains in the meat during the cooking or marinating process. The device is removed prior to the consumption of the meat leaving behind the residual flavor from the contents of the device.


For those who cook in the oven, you?ll need one of these:

Turkey Baster

The ornamental design for a turkey baster, as shown and described.


Or for the daring, you can use one of these:

Turkey Fryer

A frying apparatus is disclosed which is specifically designed for deep-frying turkeys or other similarly-shaped food items. The frying apparatus has a central rod attached to a perforated plate that is used to support a turkey as it is lowered and removed into a large container of hot oil. The frying apparatus also includes a grab hook that releasably couples to the central rod and allows a user to avoid burns from hot oil exposure when removing or inserting the turkey.


Now for the sides!

Apparatus for extracting creamed corn

An apparatus for cutting kernels of fresh corn from ears thereof and recovering kernels and cream therefrom for eating or preserving for future eating. The apparatus comprises a hand-held electric drill having a drill bit adapted to grip the ear at its stalk-end while the drill rotates the ear about the axis of the drill while pressing the ear into cutting tube having screw points projecting inwardly thereof causing said kernels to be ripped from the ear and discharged along with corn cream downwardly by gravity into a receiver for further processing.


Lumps? What lumps?

Automatic mashed potato system

An automatic mashed potato system for efficiently and automatically creating seasoned mashed potatoes. The automatic mashed potato system includes a housing unit having an upper cavity with a closure, a seasoning unit within the closure, a fluid collection tray removably positioned within the housing unit, a heating container positioned within the housing unit, a mixing container removably positioned within the heating container, and a mashing apparatus extending from the closure. Potatoes and water are placed within the mixing container and the heating container heats the potatoes until the potatoes are softened. An automated drain within the mixing container drains the water, then the seasoning unit inputs seasons into the mixing container and the mashing apparatus thereafter mashes the potatoes.


Cranberry harvesting method and apparatus

An apparatus for harvesting a crop, such as cranberries, includes a frame movable through a field of plants, a revolvable surface carried by the movable structure and supported to revolve about a horizontal axis, and resilient, rubbery fingers mounted rigidly on the revolvable surface and projecting outwardly therefrom. The revolvable surface and fingers are arranged to bring the fingers into contact with the crop plants. In addition, a method for harvesting berries includes the steps of moving a frame through a field, revolving a drum on the frame in a forward direction about a horizontal axis, with the drum having a plurality of semi-rigid, rubbery fingers rigidly mounted thereon and projecting outwardly therefrom, such that as the revolving drum moves through the field, the fingers dislodge and sweep berries from plants onto an apron that leads to a conveyor or auger and to a container for further shipment.


Roaster for chestnuts and the like

The invention relates to improvements in roasters especially adapted for use in roasting?chestnuts and the like, and has for its primary object the provision of an improved 5 apparatus of this character, by means of which chestnuts and the like may be properly roasted in a highly efficient and economical manner.


And last, but not least…DESSERT!

Pie Pan

…relates to an improved pie pan which is distinguished by the combination of an outer imperforate pan, shaped like a cake pan, with inner sectional perforate pan, shaped like a pie’ pan and adapted to fit down into the outer pan, the pie pan sections being adapted for easy separation after removal from the outer pan so that the pie or pastry cooked therein can be readily slipped out without breakage.


We hope these patents, both old and new, inspired you, or at least built up your appetite! And don?t forget, if YOU have a “BING” moment when you are cooking (or eating) this Thanksgiving, you are always welcome to submit it to one of our searches!

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