SIX Licensing Deals with Health Enterprises: Meet the Inventors

SIX Licensing Deals with Health Enterprises: Meet the Inventors

Earlier this year, Edison Nation partnered with Health Enterprises to do a sponsored innovation search for consumer healthcare products.

Several months and a company acquisition later, we’re proud to announce not one, not two, but SIX licensing deals!



We?re thrilled to share a little bit about these six inventors?and the inspiration for their ideas!

Ricardo Avil?s

Ricardo was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico (The land of Ricky Martin, Marc Anthony, Benicio del Toro, and?many more). Ricardo’s idea was inspired by his son. His son is autistic and has swallowing problems, like disphagia. This challenge inspired him?to make an invention that could help many people to consume pills, capsules or tablets without any problem.?

Dr. Mark Brown

Dr. Brown is from Newton, Penn., and has always strived for innovative ways to help his patients improve their quality of life. In seeing his father suffer from the consequences of not being able to fully empty his bladder, Mark searched for a way to ease his father’s pain and suffering.

Aaron Huppert

Aaron was born in New York City and currently lives in Mamaroneck, NY. ?An avid athlete and sports medicine junkie his?whole life, Aaron was inspired to develop?his idea after incurring way too many ankle sprains playing pick-up basketball. He’s hoping his idea will allow weekend warriors (like him) to achieve the same level of protection as the pros.

Robert Pontius

Robert considers the U.S. Air Force?as his?”hometown”, though he?grew up and lived in many different places including Oslo, Norway; Austin, Texas; Hessich Oldendorf, Germany and the Chicagoland area. He?currently calls Gladstone, Mich., home. Robert’s three young children sparked his idea for the Health Enterprises search. He knew there was a proven market for the?product and was confident that other people would be attracted to a better solution, especially with a little Mr. Science “cool factor” thrown in.

Aaron Travis

Aaron was born in Grand Rapids, Mich., but currently lives in New York City. He?was inspired by Jule Resnick, his wife’s amazing 99-year-old grandmother.?Her story was the epitome of aging in place success, living on her own for 23 years and remaining healthy and strong up until the very end when a simple error in administering her medication hospitalized her, and unfortunately cost her her life. As soon as he?learned she had been hospitalized, he?immediately began working on a solution to the problems that she and other elderly and disabled persons experienced when administering medication.

Jay P?has also secured a licensing deal from this search!

We are SO excited for these six licensing deals following the Health Enterprises search and these inventors are now embarking on the next phase of the licensing journey.

So what’s next??

Health Enterprises is now going to start the research and development process for each item that’s been licensed, and will then approach their buyer contacts to gauge interest. Once there is confirmed retail interest in a product, they will start manufacturing for the item.?They have committed to a “GO/NO GO” decision within one year for all of these items.

We are, of course, going to keep all the licensed innovators informed along the way – as we receive updates, so will they, and once products are ready to launch, we’ll share this success.

As a quick reminder, Health Enterprises and?Apothecary Products have joined forces and are working with Edison Nation to bring new innovation to their company. They believe in and advocate the power of outside innovation and we’re very excited to partner with them on these licensing deals.

We congratulate all six inventors?and will continue to keep you posted as each idea continues to move forward!

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  1. Paul

    Congratulations everyone on your licensing deals. It’s nice to hear about hard work and creativity paying off. Best of luck with your respective products!!!

  2. Norm Simmons

    I have a health care product. It is a green product and also solves problems for millions of people. It will retail for under $50.

    Norm Simmons
    561 638 3147

  3. Michelle

    Hi Norm!

    If you’re interested in submitting your product concept to Edison Nation to be evaluated for potential licensing opportunities, please create a free account on and submit your idea to one of our innovation searches.

    To learn more about our process, please visit the Edison Nation Help Page –

    Best of luck to you!

  4. milan

    Wow. Amazing. Good for you guys. I wish you all the best succeeding commercially with your inventions. Go inventing, go Edison Nation; the place where dreams come true 😉

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