The ‘Everyday Edisons’ story behind Casabella’s OxiClean Splot!

The ‘Everyday Edisons’ story behind Casabella’s OxiClean Splot!

We first met?Ken Joyner?on Season 4 of Everyday Edisons.?Back then, he shared with us his “Carpet Sucker” prototype.

Today, we’re excited to announce the launch of OxiClean Splot! – a product launch more than five years in the making with our partner, Casabella.

OxiClean Splot from Casabella

But first, some background?

Ken has been inventing for more than?20 years and finding solutions to everyday problems is his niche. While inventing was a hobby for Ken, over time, he found it served a greater purpose – to show his daughter that anyone can pursue their creative ideas with some determination, diligence and persistence.

Ken and his daughter were frustrated while house?training their new puppy. Although paper towel blotting was the easiest method of carpet cleanup, Ken found that it was not foolproof and often left a residual smell behind. His ?Carpet Sucker? came as a solution to clean up liquids from under AND within the carpet.

When asked about his participation on Everyday Edisons, Ken said:

?I hope they [the viewers] take away that persistence pays off, and much of the inventing that goes on in America is done by the ?average? person and not necessarily professional, seasoned inventors. Realize that a simple idea to solve a simple problem may have a solution which can ultimately be made into a successful product.?

Ken Joyner demo'ing his Carpet Sucker, an invention later licensed to Casabellajoyner6

Introducing the Carpet Sucker

The Carpet Sucker prototype offered the following unique features and functionality:

  • A manual vacuum box that enables consumers to easily and conveniently extract liquid spills and pet urine from their carpets.
  • The power suction sucks liquid from underneath the carpet as well, which reduces odors and staining.
  • Operation is completely manual – No electricity or batteries are required.


Following Ken?s selection for participation in Everyday Edisons, our industrial design team got to work and the Carpet Sucker went through several design ideations:



The final embodiment offered the same functionality but a whole new look and feel, and it was rebranded Splot.


Where are we now?

Once Splot was a finished product, it was pitched through the?As Seen on TV (ASOTV)?and Licensing channels for commercialization. Splot was tested on ASOTV as a standard TV spot AND branded with a major carpet cleaning company. Unfortunately, test results were not strong enough to move forward.

On the Licensing front, Splot sparked interest with a leading global consumer products company who invested a significant amount into focus group testing over the course of a year. That company identified Splot as a potential $30 million product, but they ultimately determined it was not a strong enough fit for their brand. They would have had to spend approximately $5 million in advertising to create the buzz they needed to enter that category. Seeing the strength of the product, the Edison Nation Licensing Team, as Ken has said, ?kept pounding.? (Carolina Panthers reference intended).

That pounding paid off because our friends at?Casabella licensed the product and partnered with?Church & Dwight to bring the OxiClean Splot Carpet Stain Remover to you!

Casabella and Church & Dwight completed product testing, including a significant trial at the International Rug and Carpet Institute, Inc., where Ken?s product outperformed the Bissell Spot Lifter and the Resolve High Traffic Area Foam. In fact, it was the only product that did not allow the stain to seep through the carpet, staining the pad and floor underneath.

This fall,?the OxiClean Splot Carpet Stain Remover will soon be featured on HSN, and is currently shipping to various retail outlets including the Orchard Supply Company (owned by Lowe’s Home Improvement) and Bed Bath & Beyond.

The following demonstration video shows the product in action and will be shown in a continuous loop in Bed Bath & Beyond stores:

Want one? CLICK?HERE to get yours!

A well-deserved and long…time…coming…congratulations to Ken!

Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if???


We exist to get product ideas out of your head and onto retail shelves,?all at no risk to you.

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  1. opal

    is your company completely honest with your inventor, how do we know you are not to change something to the product to make it your.

  2. Mary Dickson

    Hi Opal, thank you for reaching out to Edison Nation! We work to be completely transparent with our innovators. In the case of Ken Joyner’s invention, we were able to license his product to Casabella. Once that deal was signed, Casabella made every effort to bring his invention to market in a fashion that works well for their brand. As such, they partnered with OxiClean and the end result is what you see here — the OxiClean Splot. Edison Nation works very hard to stay in close contact with our licensing partners, as well as our innovators to make sure the best products come to market. Hope this helps to clarify! If you have further questions about how we work, don’t hesitate to reach out to Thank you!

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