September issue of Inventors Digest

September issue of Inventors Digest

It’s back to school time for many parents across the country.

It’s also time for Inventors Digest to take a look at the back to school, back to cool inventions students will want.

Catch up on the September issue, now available for your online reading pleasure!

September issue of Inventors Digest


What to expect in this issue of Inventors Digest?

  • Tips on whether or not to attend that next inventing trade show. And if you do elect to attend, how to make the most out of it
  • An invention that helps parents change a baby’s diapers by keeping their little hands out of the way
  • Why inventors shouldn’t fear that “E” word
  • and so much more!

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  1. Bradley Davis

    Hi, have you ever come across a company called run by oliver stark? He has conned loads of inventors and think it would be a good story

  2. pete

    Inventability as Bradley has said is a good story to review as Bradley Davis has said , please get in touch there are many of us in the same boat

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