InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Michael Heagerty

InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Michael Heagerty

Our September?InvENtor Spotlight highlights?Michael Heagerty! Michael?has been a member of the Edison Nation community since 2011 and is an active Insider!


Here’s your chance to get to know Michael a little bit better!

Where is your home town?

I was born in San Jose, California, but we moved a lot growing up and I would have to say the bulk of my childhood memories are from my time in “Carmel by the Sea”.

Where do you currently reside?

I currently live in the Central Oregon area as I spend the majority of my days chasing after my livelihood.

What is your professional background?

I work within the track department of a large railroad company and prefer the “out of doors” positions, including running the on-track heavy equipment.

It really is like nothing else.

How did you initially hear about Edison Nation?

It was through an awareness of the TV?show Everyday Edisons that I eventually came to realize that there was another (online) side to the company.

Have you ever collaborated with another inventor(s) on a project? If so, how was that experience for you?

I never have collaborated and not because I wouldn’t, but just because I seem to already have more ideas than I know what to do with.

What are some general industry trends you have noticed recently?

On one side we have so many technologies advancing at an unbelievable rate that allow for things we would have never thought possible, from drones to smart phones. And on the other side, we have the ever increasing market demands that range from the mobility and healthcare needs of an aging population to the energy and distribution needs of a global/cyber community.

At the heart of these two worlds, I see a trend towards what Edison Nation is all about. Which is of course, innovation from the masses.

Innovation used to be a small, albeit important trade that helped to spark the industrial age. But now it has become a trend unto its own right. A trend whereby an individual can call upon a world wide web of freelance talent to make their visions of the future come to life.

Do you find that invention ideas come to you or do you have to go after them?

I think they tend to meet me halfway. They seldom come to me on their own, but if I pursue them, they will then seemingly find a way to pursue me.

Just keep in mind that what you think you see off in the distance, may just be a whole other animal up close… keep an open mind.

What advice would you tell others starting their inventing journey?

First and foremost, have fun! If you find yourself stressing over an idea, just put it aside until it looks like fun again.

And one thing that will take the fun out of an idea is to put a lot of time into something just to find out later that it already exists. So it’s always good to start every new idea with a thorough search.

What inspired you to start inventing?

I think the simple answer is inventing inspired me to invent… I mean how cool is it to see what started as nothing more than a thought, come to life in an all together physical form!

When did you come up with your first great idea?

Well at the time I believed it was indeed great! I was about 12 years old when I found myself knocking on my mom’s door at about 11pm one night…I was so excited to tell her that I had just invented a perpetual motion machine that would really work! For some reason she didn’t seem to share my enthusiasm. 🙂

You have been an EN member since 2011, can you provide us with some details around your experiences and journey to date?

It has been a true joy and education in so many ways.

From watching the evolving successes of those that I consider friends, to the lively debates that have often kept the forums a one of a kind experience.

I have been provoked more than once to invent products that I never would have even considered just from the sponsored searches alone.

With over a hundred inventions submitted and over 50 presentations, I am still waiting for something to click…but by keeping it fun, I guess I’m okay with that.

What are some other fun facts about yourself that you’d like to share with the EN community?

Just recently I returned to Carmel on vacation with my at-the-time girlfriend, Sarah, who is now my fiancee! She has two amazing boys and I have the same plus an amazing daughter! They are all so very talented and I can’t wait to see what the future is in their eyes!

We thank Michael for sharing with us and wish him congratulations on his engagement!

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9 Comments InvENtor Spotlight: A Q&A with Michael Heagerty

  1. Elizabeth Crouch

    It’s nice to get to know you a little better Michael. Thank you for sharing a little bit about you and your family.
    One of these days, when I head out to the Bend area, I’m going to look you up so we can meet!
    Keep submitting your brilliant ideas. One of them is going to hit it big!
    My best,

  2. AlliG

    Congrats on the EN Spotlight, Michael! Well deserved!

    Also, how did that perpetual motion machine turn out? 😉

  3. Derrick James

    Hey Michael. Great write-up. Congrats on the engagement. Wow over 100 inventions and over 50 presentations, that’s an excellent conversion rate!! You are certainly a prolic inventor. You’ve been so close, on so many occasions. It’s just a matter of time before you convert one (or more) of those G7’s into a G8. I’m keeping an eye out for when your cross that 1,000,000 point milestone.

  4. Michael Heagerty

    Hey, thanks you guys…and gals! ; )
    I look forward to that day Elizabeth..!
    Alli, it was so cool, but as it turns out, the subtly of friction played its hand…
    Hey Derrick, it’s kind of funny how I walked right up to within shooting distance of that number and then just stood there staring at it with pity! lol!
    Thanks Joseph!

  5. Saletta

    Congrats on your engagement Michael! You two make a beautiful couple. Sounds like the coming together of an amazing blended family. Wishing you all the best on this journey called life and your inventive endeavors as well! Prov 18:22!

  6. Kim

    What an impressive track record! Congrats on the upcoming nuptials and best wishes for a happy future!

  7. Michael Heagerty

    Thank you Saletta!
    And thank you Kim!
    Alli, I know I said subtleties…I just know I did..! At least in my head! ; )

  8. Mom

    Hi Michael,

    Congratulations on your successes and know that your joy of continually using your creativity also brings me much joy.
    Keep working on perpetual motion and I hope you wake me up again.


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