Back to School: Eight Awesome Student Inventions

Back to School: Eight Awesome Student Inventions

As fall approaches and children return to the classroom, we wanted to?highlight some unique student inventions created by young bright minds from?around the world?

Invention: The ?Yerka? – Unstealable Bike

Student inventions: the Yerka

Student Inventors: Andres Roi Eggers, Juan Jose Monsalve and Cristobal Cabello

Background and Description: The theft of two bikes from one of the inventors pushed the former engineering students from Chile to create the ultimate bike lock – the bike itself. The frame of the Yerka bike can be dismantled and reconnected to make a lock – all in just 10 seconds.

Invention: Jolt Sensor


Student Inventors: Ben Harvatine and Seth Berg

Background and Description: Ben Harvatine suffered a concussion during wrestling practice at MIT. The concussion was not immediately detected by doctors and became worse as Harvatine?s brain was exposed to additional impacts.

?Through the ensuing hospital visit and months of recovery, the same thought kept crossing my mind – how could this have been prevented?? Harvatine said in his Kickstarter video.

His solution? The Jolt Sensor. Harvatine collaborated with fellow student, Seth Berg, and created the Jolt Sensor, a tiny 1.37 in smart wearable clip that can be attached to any type of athletic headgear. The sensor vibrates to warn an athlete if it detects that the person?s head is accelerating in a potentially dangerous way. The sensor also makes use of Low-Energy Bluetooth technology to wirelessly send an alert to an accompanying iOS and Android smartphone app held by the parent or coach on the sidelines.

Invention: The Spectrom – the first true full color FDM 3D printer


Student Inventors: Cedric Kovacs-Johnson and Charles Haider

Background and Description: Kovacs-Johnson and Haider, chemical engineering undergraduates at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, created a device that allows desktop 3D printers to print in a full rainbow of colors for less than $100. Their design adds dye to the plastic while it melts, which means that it can be installed on existing desktop printers.

“What we find really innovative in our approach is we went back to the roots of paper printing and we said, ?How did they accomplish a range of colors??? Kovacs-Johnson said. ?We can print everything from dark blue to pink to red and everything in between.?

Invention: The Thermofier – a combination pacifier and thermometer


Student Inventor: Anthony Halmon

Background and Description: Developed after the birth of Halmon?s daughter, the Thermofier is a pacifier with a built-in thermometer that aims to ease the woes of parents by providing them constant monitoring of their child?s temperature when ill.

Halmon, a STEM student who represented the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) at the White House Science Fair in 2013, developed a business plan around his idea, and then worked with TJ Kim, Beyond Design?s Director of New Product Development, and Mike Beltran, Northwestern University Mechanical Engineering professor, to bring it to life.

Invention: The Kickr – an electric drive-train that turns almost any skateboard into a high-speed magic carpet ride.

Purdue nuclear engineering student Joe Carabetta has invented a novel drivetrain "Kickr" that quickly straps onto any long board turning it into a fast, quiet, 20 mph, kick-free ride. (Kickr photo)

Student Inventor: Joe Carabetta

Background and Description: Carabetta, a Purdue University nuclear engineering student wanted to take his long-time hobby of skateboarding to the next level. Carabetta developed the Kickr, which provides a kick-free ride reaching speeds of up to 20 mph, on an existing skateboard without having to purchase a more expensive, clumsy board with a built-in motor. The Kickr can easily and quickly be strapped on and off almost any skateboard, letting the rider motorize their entire skateboard collection with just one device.

Invention: StrongArm Ergonomic Lifting Safety System


Student Inventors: A team of students from the Rochester Institute of Technology, lead by Sean Petterson.

Background and Description: When founders Sean and Justin met, they discovered both of their fathers had endured enormous physical strain at their blue-collar jobs. Eventually, their fathers were faced with the negative physical consequences from their work in the latter part of their lives. They developed their V22 ErgoSkeleton, an ergonomic solution for injury prevention and peak performance for the industrial workforce.

The V22 ErgoSkeleton reduces arm fatigue, transfers the load from the upper body to the legs, reduce common lumbar compression back injuries and enforces proper lifting techniques.

Invention: Suncayr


Student Inventors: Derek Jouppi, Rachel Pautler, Andrew Martinko, Chad Sweeting and Hayden Soboleski

Background and Description: Suncayr is a color changing marker that will tell users when their sunscreen is no longer protecting them, providing awareness to avoid sunburns. The team, lead by Jouppi, a nanotechnology engineering student at the University of Waterloo, Canada, had all experienced bad sunburns in their lives, and knew there had to be a better way to remember to reapply sunscreen.

Suncayr?s pen-like marker is applied directly on the skin. They can then apply sunscreen over the ink as well as the rest of their body. When the sunscreen is active, the ink is one color. The ink in the marker is UV responsive, meaning that when UV hits the ink, it changes color letting the user know to reapply sunscreen.

Invention: Packstache – a cargo carrier for cyclists


Student Inventors: Philipp Moherndl and Matthias Lechner

Background and Description: Moherndl and Lechner are two architecture and design students from Vienna?s University of Technology. Being cyclists themselves, they created the Packstache to provide an inexpensive and convenience way to carry groceries.

Packstache, which translates to ?Pack Bag? – is stored flat and assembles quickly. It attaches to a bike?s existing luggage system and is made from recycled cardboard. It can hold up to 22 pounds and can be used multiple times. It can also be carried around the store using the hand holes at the top.

Some of these?student inventions?are available now, while others are still conceptual, but they all have one thing in common – they were created?when the inventors were just students.

Hope these student inventions?inspired you, now go get your new pencils and blank notebooks and start inventing!


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