Simple Inventions: A Day in the Life

Simple Inventions: A Day in the Life

Besides the obvious technological inventions that have changed lives forever (internet, iPhones, GPS), there are some simple inventions that we have come to take for granted.

Where is the appreciation for the little guys out there? Those inventions with no snazzy electronic features but make our lives easier somehow. Would we be able to live life without them?

Today I went through my normal routine day of work at Edison Nation while taking note of every simple invention that has helped my life to be a bit easier. Not the electronics that we tend to think of as ?can?t-live-without? inventions, but the simple tools and products that are just as useful.

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  1. Alarm clock: Simple. No longer relying on the rooster next door for a wake up call, and I know I could sleep till noon every day with nothing in my way. And unlike my iPhone alarm, I know a trusty alarm clock won?t fail me.
  2. Underwear: Self-explanatory (I hope!)
  3. Shoe rack: Genius way of keeping the shoes off of my floor in a way that keeps all my options visible. Not that I still don?t have piles of shoes all over my room? but it is nice to know my shoes have somewhere to go when I get around to it.
  4. Carabiner: Invented for climbing, yet has so much day to day use now. And that is what is great with simple inventions, they can usually be used for multiple things! I keep a carabiner on my car keys and always find myself attaching different key chains, easily hanging my keys onto my bags.
  5. Cassette Tape Adaptor: Someone saw the potential to use old technology to adapt to new, and now I can play music off my phone in my car with technology from the 60s. Makes the drive to work in the morning all the more enjoyable.desk, invention, simple, genius
  6. Standing Desk: Before you get too impressed by my work ethic, I definitely sit all day at a normal desk, but I do have coworkers who use the standing desk regularly. This is a great invention to combat sitting in a chair for 8 hours a day, especially in the midst of our health-conscious society.
  7. Avocado Kitchen Gadget: Might not be appreciated by all, but I got this for my mom for Christmas five years ago and now cannot imagine cutting an avocado without it. Has a part to slice it, pick out the pit, and scoop and dice the avocado all in one. And the handle looks like an avocado, oh how I love witty kitchen utensils. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?innovation, invention, simple, box
  8. Salad Lunch box: great plastic container that keeps all my toppings separated from my lettuce so nothing gets too mushy. Locks in place and even has a compartment for the dressing! I think it was inspired by Japanese bento boxes, so you never know where you will find your inspiration from!
  9. S’well Water Bottle: Man, I love this thing. Keeps my water nice and icy cold all day at work, even through the heat of the drive in. Have yet to try it’s hot beverage side, but come winter, I?m sure it?ll hold heat just as well.
  10. Face makeup remover: Being on the move as often as I am, I don?t always have time to wash my face with soap and water as much as I should. Neutrogena cleansing wipes are a lifesaver that I can quickly run across my face on the way to the gym or as I walk out the door.
  11. Fitness band: Going on runs, it is so convenient to strap my phone around my arm to listen to music. Apparently simply holding your phone or iPod as your run can mess with your ?gait? as you run.netflixwatcher, simple, invention, innovative
  12. Netflix: Okay, sometimes the snazzy technological inventions are some of the best. How else would I be able to unwind after an exhausting day of work at Edison Nation?

So there you have it. My day of inventions that I have to step back and look at to really appreciate. And where would I be without them? Listening to bad radio on the way to work, shoes all over my room, eating mushy salad, and drinking warm water. Or maybe I?d still be asleep in my bed, having never woken up in the first place. Wait a second, that wouldn?t be such a bad thing…

As you think of your inventions, remember to keep it simple. While they might not be as appreciated as the next iPhone, it is much easier to think up a simple invention that can be used in daily life to fix an already existing problem. Plus, you don’t have to learn how to code first.

Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if???


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4 Comments Simple Inventions: A Day in the Life

  1. joseph

    This is a cool subject but you forgot three other inventions that make our lives easier, the fly swatter , delete button and the microwave.

  2. Michael R Filmore

    I really want to submit my ideas and prototypes to Edison Nation as soon as I can afford to. Around the first of October I would like to submit the new Halloween Night Lights to edison nation for review. Thank you.

  3. Barry Shea

    For me: vegetable peeler, hanging shower shelf, garlic press, stapler, pencil cup, magnetic paperclip dispenser, spring-arm desk lamp, one-dollar reading glasses, espresso machine, zip ties, velcro, condoms, shoe gel pad insert, steam iron, blender, faucet water filter, drain screens, sunglasses, hair blower, TV remote, bicycle, guitar wall hanger, car charger, duct tape.

    P.S. – That power cord on the floor looks like a real hazard. (Can I add orange hazard cones to my list?)

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