Make Your Next “BING!” go “CHA-CHING!”: ASOTV Insider Search Tips & Trends

Make Your Next “BING!” go “CHA-CHING!”: ASOTV Insider Search Tips & Trends

Edison Nation is currently running an Insiders Only – Special ASOTV Preview search. In this search, Edison Nation Insiders have the opportunity to earn money even before your submission launches with success at the Survey, Web Test and TV Test stages!

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We want to help you give your idea its best chance for success, so we?re giving YOU tips and trends to make your next ASOTV?BING go CHA-CHING! Read on!


  • Items $12.99 + up items are much more preferred by ASOTV retail distributors.
  • Lower priced items, ($9.99 and below) are very tough to roll out. While we are accepting ideas in all price points, if your item is in the $9.99 range or below, it needs to be VERY strong (generating HUGE sales) in order to be worthwhile. ?
  • Products that would have a small package footprint are key.
  • Smaller + pricier > ?bigger + cheaper
  • As Seen on TV infomercials do not bring in a lot of business. 95% of sales for As Seen on TV companies are now made in-store. Stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens and Bed Bath and Beyond now have large ASOTV sections in their store and online.?


Recent idea concepts that have been successful in the Edison Nation ASOTV Survey and Web Test stages have been in the following categories:


Senior Items

Novelty beauty

Novel children?s items that provide an actual function beyond just entertainment

Unique tools

That being said, while we accept ideas in all categories for ASOTV, here are some recent trends:


  • In general, ASOTV products are becoming more high-tech.
  • The pet category is strong, particularly with cat products.
  • Items for Seniors are also proving strong. Examples include dentures, hearing aids, canes and more.
  • Fitness products are not performing well. In general, in order to be demonstrable, fitness concepts require a long-form format (30 minutes). Long-form fitness spots require significant investment to ensure success in a very crowded category.
  • The Fun Food category is also not performing well on ASOTV. Novelty food items have not exhibited strong sales.


Still stumped? Ask yourself these questions:

  • What?s a really annoying task that can be made easier?
  • What?s a simple DIY trend that can be turned into a product?
  • What?s an old ASOTV product that can be reinvented?
  • Who watches TV and what do they need?

Once you have come up with some ideas, ask yourself these follow-up questions:

  • Can my idea?s benefits be demonstrated easily?
  • Does my idea have mass appeal?
  • Is my idea unique or novel?
  • Will my idea make someone stop in their tracks and say, ?I have to have that!?

If you answered ?YES? to these questions, you?re ready to SUBMIT!

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Happy Inventing and don?t forget to check the official ASOTV Forum Thread for the latest ASOTV announcements, you never know when you could see your name announced!

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