New process and dashboard for your ASOTV inventions!

New process and dashboard for your ASOTV inventions!

As you know, here at Edison Nation, we are always working to improve your user experience. A few months ago we announced that the Edison Nation As Seen On TV (ASOTV) process as we have come to know it was changing to become more efficient and more fluid for your ASOTV inventions.

We’re happy to announce that these new features are now LIVE?on the site! What follows is a closer look at the new process…

As we previously highlighted in the ASOTV NEVER SLEEPS forum thread, we now have mini ASOTV presentations every week instead of once per quarter, but that’s not all.?Instead of our standard eight stages of evaluation, ideas reviewed through the ASOTV system will now?move through the following?six phases:

The new and improved As Seen on TV review process

Here’s a quick overview of the process:

  • Submissions to all ASOTV searches will first undergo an initial EVALUATION?to determine if the idea is a strong fit for the ASOTV category.
  • Ideas that are considered strong candidates for the ASOTV platform?are then presented to our experts who will VOTE?to determine if the idea will move on to the next phase or not.
  • Those that receive a “yes” vote will be sent through our proprietary?SURVEY?system.
  • Ideas that score high enough in survey metrics will move onto a round of?WEB TESTING.
  • Ideas that have a successful web test are moved to TV TESTING.?
  • If the TV test is successful, the product will be moved to?LAUNCH, on both the ASOTV platform and into retail distribution.

You can learn more about the specific details of each of these stages, as well as estimated timelines by exploring the stages of evaluation on the Edison Nation Help Page.

Along with these process changes comes a makeover for submissions on your Edison Nation Dashboard.

As an?idea moves from one phase to the next, the colors around the new circle?design will change as follows:

successful movement


You may have noticed we’ve introduced a new look for ideas currently in progress – those will be illustrated in blue as see above.?Movement through the Survey, Web Test and TV Test stages is actually two moves per stage, and is illustrated with fading?as follows:


Green, as always, is a good thing – it means your idea has passed that stage. If at any stage an idea is declined, that stage will turn red:


While we have been transitioning into this new ASOTV process, we’ve been providing all users ongoing feedback to their Dashboards indicating which stage their idea is in. Now that these features are live, if you click anywhere in the?circle, you’ll be taken to the submission summary page which will outline additional details of what has happened and is currently happening with your idea.

If you are an Edison Nation Insider,?you will be eligible for feedback if your idea is declined, just like in our standard innovation searches, but now there is an additional benefitCOMPENSATION.

insider success

Edison Nation Insiders who successfully pass the?Survey,?Web Test?and?TV Test?stages will receive the following compensation for their success:

Successful Survey = $100

Successful Web Test = $250

Successful TV Test = $2,500

Once an idea is successful at any one of these stages, you’ll be contacted by a member of the Edison Nation team regarding the compensation. Just think: if you successfully pass the survey stage, you’ve paid for an annual Insider membership.

Last but not least, we’re giving submissions in our standard innovation searches a little makeover as well…

The eight-stage evaluation process will function exactly the same; however, to increase clarity around what stage your idea is?in, instead of a progress bar, your submission?will now appear as follows on your Dashboard:

standard search success

Like the ASOTV dashboard circle,?blue means “in progress”, green means pass, and?if an idea is declined in a standard search, the stage will turn red:


Clicking anywhere in the new graphic will take you to a summary screen outlining details of what has happened and is currently happening with your idea.

Now that you’ve gotten the tour of the new ASOTV process, head on over to any of our ASOTV searches to take it for a spin. Have an active ASOTV idea now? Visit your Dashboard to check out the new look and feel!

We hope this fresh new look has inspired some fresh new ASOTV ideas and we can’t wait to see what you come up with! Stay tuned here for more site improvements in the coming months!

Happy Inventing!

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