The NEW Edison Nation Submission Form

The NEW Edison Nation Submission Form

You asked, we answered…

At Edison Nation, we are always working to find new ways to improve your user experience on the site and with the company. We also always welcome feedback on your experiences and suggestions on how to make things better, including how you are able to submit ideas to our secure platform.?

We are going to be making some fantastic new changes to the site in the next few months, and first up is the revised Edison Nation?Submission Form!

Before we get started, know that the information we request within the submission form has?not?changed. What has changed is how you will interact with the form when submitting an idea.

Beginning tomorrow, July 26, instead of clicking through four screens, the submission form will appear in an accordion style as shown below:



To submit an idea, all you need to do is click the header starting with “My Idea” and the section will expand for you on the same web page. Once again, all fields are the same and the same information is required at each step.


When you are finished with one section, click ?Save and Continue? at the bottom of the screen and the next section will open.


A green check mark will appear once you have saved and successfully completed a section.


To edit or go back, all you need to do is click on the desired header and that section will open for you.?Once you complete the required payment information and click on ?Submit?, your idea will then be visible to the Edison Nation evaluation team and we?ll start our review.


Our goal is to make the form more user-friendly and less confusing clicking from page to page.

Excited to try it out? Go to Submit an Idea and take the form for a test drive!

Stay tuned to the blog for other new features that we’ll be launching in the next few months!

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