Cool Inventions That Should Exist

Cool Inventions That Should Exist

In the midst of our Casabella searches, I began to notice all of the issues in my house where cool?inventions could come in handy.

Inspired by my parents and their desire to have a House Beautiful worthy living room before having guests over taught me that cleaning can be quite a stressful and daunting task. Isn?t there room to grow and make our houses clean themselves?

These are the cool inventions?that I wish could (and definitely should) exist:

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  1. We have pets roaming around our houses, so why not put them to use? I propose the Dog Tail Feather Duster: a simple feather duster to attach to the tail of a dog. Comes in a variety of colors and textures to match the fur and breed of your fuzzy friend, although the poodle variety?is the most effective. Now all we need is some training on where our pooches should learn to wag their tails around the house.crazy invention, super cool invention
  2. Everyone knows the worst part of cleaning is the dusting of cluttered tables. Picking up every picture frame and knick knack to make sure you don?t leave rings or miss a speck (Mom always knows when I don?t take the time to pick them up). The solution? A small scale anti-gravity invention?that allows all objects to lift in the air while you dust the table in one fell swoop. Will an anti-gravity machine also cause the dust to go in the air? Still in early stages of testing.super cool invention idea
  3. My dog would have a field day with this one: Remote Control Vacuum Cleaner. Lugging around heavy vacuum cleaners can be exhausting, and those crazy little automated bots have a mind of their own. I?d like to control where I vacuum, just not do the manual labor. Added bonus, kids will love helping out to drive the vacuum around! Until they knock over your favorite lamp.mop-onesie, super cool invention idea
  4. Now this one (apparently) already exists, but I have yet to see it in stores. Just as we have pets around the house, babies also roam around and contribute little- until now. The Baby Mop Onesie allows our little ones to start pulling their own weight (literally) by doing what they know and love: crawling. Spray some cleaner on the floor and set your mop- er, baby, down and watch as your floors begin to sparkle!?super cool invention idea
  5. Toilets. No one wants to go around there. I propose the use of the ?Vacuum Cleaner? of aquatic life: the Catfish for Toilets. Simply place the catfish into our toilets and allow his natural tendency as a bottom feeder to play out, cleaning the toilet and eliminating our need to get in there and scrub. These catfish are commonly used in aquatic tanks so the same circumstances could probably apply for a toilet.super cool invention idea
  6. What are we supposed to do with all those dishes that aren?t allowed to go in the dishwasher? While usually I just put them in and hope for the best, there has to be a better way. The only solution is to stop producing products that can?t go in the dishwasher. Maybe this one is an anti-invention?


With these simple and realistic inventions I hope to relieve the stress of cleaning for families as they prepare for the arrival of relatives for the holidays, the running around before an impromptu dinner party, or the simple time in the spring where cleaning seems like a fun activity to fill the day.

I hope as you try to?invent new solutions for the?Casabella searches, you can use these crazy ideas as inspiration for something that would actually exist for your idea submissions. Please note, I advise against the use of animals in our day-to-day cleaning activities. Too unreliable. Unsure of my stance on using babies.

Happy cleaning (oxymoron?) and happy inventing!

Have you ever thought, ?wouldn?t it be cool if???


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