Where do your invention ideas strike?

Where do your invention ideas strike?

Where are you when new invention ideas hit you over the head?

What triggers that aha! moment?

As innovators, we all have different styles and approaches toward invention. But for most of us, we share a common trait: how to critically look at what currently exists, and think about how it can be done better.?

We’re working with Casabella on two new opportunities for your invention ideas. Their first search is centered around finding functional new solutions for storing and organizing your household mops, brooms, rakes, car cleaning products, and further. Cleaning is only half the battle; you have to organize and put away those cleaning tools, too.

Their second search is for a new bucket and caddy system. You may wonder: how can you really innovate on a mop bucket? Casabella’s CEO may have shared this same thought, until he saw what was happening over at the Hippo Roller Project.?Hippo Roller inspired Casabella CEO to reinvent the bucket

Transporting water from point A to point B is a daily struggle for those with limited access to water. The Hippo Roller Project has literally reinvented the wheel with this invention idea. It’s simple, it solves a real problem and it’s useful.

This invention put CEO Bruce Kaminstein’s brain into overdrive. If the Hippo Roller reinvents the wheel, can’t we then reinvent the traditional bucket and caddy system?

Edison Nation and Casabella think you can.

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Casabella's search for new bucket and caddy invention ideas


Casabella's search for invention ideas


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