SURVEY SAYS: A peek inside the Edison Nation As Seen on TV Survey process

SURVEY SAYS: A peek inside the Edison Nation As Seen on TV Survey process



By now, you?ve probably heard us use the term ?survey? while talking about our new and improved As Seen on TV Process.

Once your idea makes it through our initial evaluation and receives an internal ?yes? vote, a ?Survey? is the next stop on the road to success.

The new and improved As Seen on TV review process

The new and improved As Seen on TV review process

But, what does this infamous ?Survey? really entail and how is it useful in the process of picking As Seen on TV products?

If you?ve made it to the ?survey? phase, that means we think your idea could potentially be a good fit for ASOTV, but now we need to gain more insight and understand what type of customer might buy it and why.

To do this, we put our design and marketing team on the job to produce a simple, one page ?ad? of sorts that presents your idea as a ready-to-sell item. Depending on what was included in your submission, this may involve creating 3D photorealistic renderings, superimposing images into different usage scenarios, or sometimes even creating a short animation.

This one page ad is then viewed through our secure survey platform by a carefully chosen set of participants. Upon viewing the ad, participants are asked strategic questions like ?How unique do you consider this item to be??, ?How much would you pay for this??, ?What would you use this for??, etc.

Armed with that knowledge, we often tweak the item OR simply tweak the way we market it, and run it back through the survey system again until we have a very clear positive or negative overall result. This refining and fine tuning is so incredibly valuable to the process as it often uncovers an entirely new market or positioning that we hadn?t thought of before!

For instance, take the example of inventor Shannon Pappert?s ?Dash Dudes?. Her patented idea involves a lovable character whose unique construction is able to perfectly hold a pair of sunglasses on the dashboard of your car while you?re not using them. An initial survey yielded primarily negative results, enforcing that not enough people would find this useful in their day-to-day lives. However, we were intrigued by survey comments which suggested it might be great for kids. So, we reworked the ad to market it towards children to keep their eyeglasses safe and sound around the house. And… BINGO! Now THAT?S a problem!

There was an overwhelming positive response to the revised survey, and the product has now moved on to the Web Testing phase – well on its way to success!


It?s so important to always consider an alternative use or audience for your innovative concepts. Will your As Seen on TV idea be next?

Our Q2 ASOTV search is closing on Monday, July 4.?

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